Preset position for Allen+Roth Shades

The Allen+Roth motorized shades that use the RMS74 template support a preset position when long-pressing the Hold button. Would it be possible to get this functionality added to the Bond app?


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I would be interested in this as well. I tried sending the stop button multiple times thru api, but it didn’t work. Maybe a much longer length needs to be defined in template.

So the Bond staff has said in other cases it first has to be determined if the “hold” button starts sending a second / different signal at the X seconds into holding as the “Favorite/Preset Position” command, or if the receiver just waits until it sees “hold” being sent without interruption for X seconds and interprets that as a request for “Favorite/Preset Position”.

The one method mentioned in that thread talks about trying to catch the “end” of the hold button as a unique signal when recording the original remote press in Bond. That could potentially handle the first scenario, if applicable.

The other scenario could possibly be handled via an increase the reps of the original “hold” signal so it goes for X seconds, but might need some manually edits to the signal as recorded by Bond, in addition to changing the reps.

This sounds like something pretty easy for us to add, since we’re working closely with the Allen+Roth shades here. Will see what we can do.


Any update on this? Would love to preset it to predefined position programmatically.

I’d love to see this too! I happened to have some spare Zigbee window sensors so I “solved” it by putting those at my preset positions and made Home Assistant send the “stop” command when that triggers… but that’s pretty silly really if the device could just do it.


That’s a pretty ingenious solution, Matt!