FYI: Allen+Roth shades super cheap at Lowes

Continuing the discussion from Preset position for Allen+Roth Shades… speaking of these…

I was at Lowe’s, getting some stuff with my kid moving into college. While there and she was off looking at stuff I was poking around the motorized shades. Most of what they’re offering is a $300+ motorized add-on, which… were I sweeping it under the carpet of building a new home or something I might spring for, but as a “I’m too lazy to get out of bed right now” kind of thing? Nope.

However, around the corner, there was a whole rack of Allen+Roth pre-sized cellular shades (all in gray), in wide variety of widths, priced something like $25-$40 — 75% off. I have a Bond bridge for a ceiling fan, and for $29 to try, I figured it was worth a shot. Works flawlessly (except for the lack of a preset stop point).

Pretty easy to install, although

  1. The metal mounting brackets are cheap and awkward and annoying. Clear that corners were cut
  2. OMG the end-caps for the top and bottom bar are very loosely attached. May need some hot glue.
  3. Comes with what it says are “wood screws” but which are definitely actually metal screws. This Is Fine, but if you use those screws you should also follow the advice of pre-drilling the holes if you plan to use those.

Anyway. I am slightly tempted to go back and buy a bunch more for other windows. I probably will not — but I figured I’d give a heads-up. Not sure if this was just the local store (Hadley, Mass) or a widespread thing. Can’t find the same deal online. Gray only, by the way. (This is the item.)


I’ve been using these for over a year and agree with all your points. I now have 14 of them. (Mine are all white blackouts though) By far the least expensive option to get smart cellular shades. (Works great with Alexa too with the exception of no “stop” command—if it was there I could work out the midpoint stop)