Allen + Roth Motorized Blinds Bond integration

I recently installed a few Allen + Roth motorized blinds from Lowes. They work great with the remote. And to my surprise, Lowes website mentions to use it with Bond Bridge for smart control. When I tried to add a single blind, the recorded signal failed testing. I was able to record the signal for controlling multiple blinds at same time. But, it works sometimes and doesn’t work at other times. I have to repeat it a few times to be able to control them correctly.

Any one has any experience with these blinds?

What is the recommended approach to control multiple blinds. Record individual blinds or group them at remote level.

Any chance we can have scenes to be able to open them partially (open for 2-3 secs and then stop)?

I have been using the Allen + Roth cellular shades for about a year. I don’t know if the blinds use the same system or not, but for the shades, the Bond Bridge has codes that match my remote, which is labeled model AC-136-06.

I found that for my shades some took it a couple of tries for the bridge to recognize the remote but if it is the same system as the shades, it should work pretty reliably. Occasionally I do have to send a code twice.

I do agree with you that the ability to send a “stop” command after a few seconds would be quite valuable.

Hi Joel, welcome to the forums. Thanks for the reply. I believe the system is the same. They seem to be working reliably with the remote, never missed a beat. From the hub, it’s a hit or a miss. Any luck with grouping multiple shades together? Did you setup using the instructions in the app or by recording the remote?

Does this / this look like the remote?

I know the Bond team can usually determine and provide more detail if they can match the FCC ID.
If that is the same remote as you are referencing, its “2AVVDAC136-06” FCC ID is listed by Bond as a supported remote.

As with all things RF, it is possible that the original recording / matching was incorrect or incomplete. Since @ranga seems to have more trouble than @JoelAck99, I am curious if the shades have a Template in the Bond app (under Advanced) and if they are the same for both of you.

As an additional option, @ranga, the Bond app has a Chat With Support option under the Help Center (or you can go to

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Hi @residualimages thanks for your response. I did some additional trials and ended up with a pretty reliable solution. Instead of adding the Allen Roth Shades, select other and try to record a command and let it match to a template. Ensure you are picking Allen Roth remote RMS74. For what ever reason, previously, it sent me to a different template causing all reliability issues.

I never was able to add using the Allen Roth step. It asked to remove battery and reinsert while Bond is learning. This never added the shades for me.

Ah, thanks for the feedback that you got something more reliable - even if it was a counter intuitive way. :+1:

Since I don’t have shades yet, I’m trying to learn from others in the community (including you!) before I buy something, as I do want whatever I purchase to work well with Bond.

Yes that’s the remote I have.