Shade Stop in API

The Allen & Roth cellular shade integration to Alexa (and to SmartThings) works fine with a notable exception: there still is no way to tell a shade to “Stop”. Only Open or Close.

The shades have very constant velocity when opening or closing and Alexa routines give sufficient ability to pause after “x” seconds to approximate shade position with this one addition to the skill. Is this possible?

I hear you. Sadly it’s not a custom skill, though perhaps we could export it like “Alexa, set My Shade to Hold mode.” Awkward for voice, maybe ok for routines?

Best way though would be built-in slider in the Bridge… but we’ve got to code that.

So, not sure I get it. Give me an “Alexa, Stop Shade 1” command (to go with Open and Close”) and I think I can make it happen from there. Is this impossible?

Correct. Alexa added a few years ago the ability to do “open/close”, but “stop” is not possible.

There are “modes” and we can probably do “Alexa, set My Shade to Hold mode.” or “Alexa, set My Shade to Stop mode.”, but the word “stop” may prove to be problematic.

I don’t care if I have to tell it to make me a sandwich….it will be passed in a routine anyway. How do I enable modes?

Please… whatever way it’s implemented give us a stop. I can use a timer to hit 50% or whatever I want. It’s pointless to use voice to then have to grab the remote to stop it. Thank you!!

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Stop, pause, interrupt, etc… I agree routines will translate for us.

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