Yoolax Blinds - Preset 3rd position (50% open/closed)

I recently installed Yoolax Blinds and they work great with Bond Pro once I did some advanced editing and changed the number of “reps” for each command. Now set at 2 instead of the default of 1.

Now I am on to trying to figure out how to edit the “preset” command in Bond so that it actually works. In a nut shell, if I long press (approx. 5 seconds) the stop button on the remote for the shades, it will send a command to set the blinds to 50% open (or closed depending on perspective). How can I make the necessary edits to the API in order to tell Bond to “long press” a command as opposed to “tap”?

curl -iH “Bond-Token: BONDTOKEN” http://BONDIPADDRESS/v2/devices/DEVICEID/commands/COMMANDID/

Not sure if this is the case for Yoolax, but on another brand, I found the long press on the remote for “preset” actually transmitted a different RF command.

So when I was teaching Bond the remote commands, I used the long press on the remote to teach Bond to use the “preset” command in place of the “stop” command (I don’t need a stop command when using Bond). Works great!

Good info. Indeed sometimes the receiver just looks for the STOP signal to be transmitted for >= 5 sec, other times the transmitter changes from STOP signal to a PRESET signal. Obviously we would prefer the dedicated PRESET signal, but we don’t get to decide :slight_smile: .

One way to do this is to already be holding down the button before asking Bond to start recording. That way you definitely catch only the second signal.

The Bond Bridge is designed to capture the end of the transmission, so theoretically you would get the last 0.6 sec of the transmission and would not need to start holding the button down before starting recording. However, in reality there can be gaps in the transmission which may cause Bond Bridge to end the capture early and possibly record only the STOP signal but not the PRESET signal.

If however we are wrong about the STOP → PRESET signal transition, and it is only based on duration of STOP signal, then you’d need to use a higher reps of the STOP signal to emulate 5+ sec button press. This may not work because of a gap in the 0.6 sec buffer, which unfortunately would need to be manually removed by deleting (most of) the 000s at the end of the buffer. Not ideal, but that’s the best I can offer right now.

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