Fireplace turning off after a few minutes (American Flame)


Hoping someone can help here. I have an American Flame remote 4000HHS02. It appears that the remote and fireplace communicate every 10 minutes or so, and that overwrites whatever status it was in from the Bond.

For instance, this remote has three “states:”. OFF/ON/THERMO. When Bond turns on the fire etc, the remote doesn’t change. So if the remote is in off, and i use Bond to turn the fire on, after a short time it turns back off.

Anyone have any experience with this and have a work around? I was thinking I could just take the batteries out of the remote, however my wife prefers the remote.

Thanks in advance.

Can you please post your FCC ID (printed on the back of the remote)?

Here it is:


Thank you

The trouble is, the fireplace remote is designed to transmit a “keep-alive” signal. If the fireplace doesn’t receive it, it shuts off.

Details differ between remotes, but either we’d need to implement a “keep-alive interval” for a raw-recorded device or add this fireplace remote to our database (and implement the required keep-alive there).

@jacob for viz

What happens if you turn the fireplace on with the remote, then turn it off with the Bond. I assume the remote is still in ON mode and sending keep-alives. Do the periodic keep-alives from the remote end up making the flame come back on even after you sent the off command from the Bond?

Using two different controls (Bond/Remote) with a keep-alive function could introduce a dangerous situation in this regard.

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If I do this, it will stay off for a random time (usually less than 10 minutes) and then turn back on. Essentially it “pings” between the remote/fireplace and creates alignment based on what the remote is on.

I’m thinking I could remove the batteries and potentially get a different remote for the fireplace that just has a simple on/off button.

Thanks for the clarification. This bond device is amazing. Bought it for a ceiling fan, had no idea it would also do my shades in the master bedroom and my fireplace as well.

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Is there any update on supporting these keep alive signals? My Heat N Glo remote is doing something similar. It turns off randomly when turned on with the bond.

It’s also a pain to record commands because the remote only has one button and you have to rotate through thermo/off to get back to on for example.

I have the supported one shown here


Following… I have that same remote (the supposedly supported version), and I’d love to get it reliably added to my Bond. I can get the On command added easily, but with the single-button on/thermo/off cycle, getting Off successfully programmed has eluded me.

Then I realized the whole keep-alive thing was going to be show-stopper anyway, so I just gave up on it.

I’m very glad to see this remote on Bond’s radar overall (that’s encouraging!), but I don’t see how it can be considered “supported” given the programming and keep-alive hurdles currently faced.

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I agree, I would automate continuous on commands, but it’ll kill the receiver battery much faster probably. Also the beeps are annoying to have them occur every few minutes.

The keep alive problem just kills my homeassistant automation because it thinks it is on when it isn’t.

So I was able to disable the keepalive functionality by removing the batteries from the remote entirely. The behavior seems to be every 15 mins on the hour of the remote’s time (e.g 12:00, 12:15, etc.) it does some sort of keepalive check. If the fireplace was turned on from the bond device, it would turn off at those times every time for me. It’d be great if the bond device could replicate whatever happens at these times so it just works as a 0-15 mins run time is barely enough time for the fan to kick on for these fireplaces (in my case anyways).

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Does the fireplace still turn off after you turn it on via Bond Bridge? Or does it stay on?

There’s really two related issues: keepalive timer in the receiver (fireplace controller) which will turn the fireplace off if it doesn’t receive a keepalive transmission, and the conflict between Bond Bridge transmissions and the keepalive transmissions from the factory remote control which still thinks the fireplace is in the previous state.

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It isn’t turning off on its own anymore after removing the remote batteries.

It might be less a keepalive thing, but rather that the remote checks every 15 mins based on its time and syncs the receiver to its state. I was able to reproduce this by programming the remote time to 12:14 and it would always turn off right on the tick to 12:15.

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Makes sense. Alas, the designers of these r/c systems didn’t foresee the use of RF bridges, so we end up with these awkward situations. This is why in recent app versions we’ve added a warning to always remove the batteries from the remote controls of the fireplace remotes.

Be safe out there with your fireplace automation!


@mot359 What model of heat n glo do you have?

I’m currently looking at their gas inserts.


I have a Grand XT model

I have a different Heat&Glo fireplace which uses a remote with supported FCC ID: K9L5001 and the problem is not only the fireplace seemingly randomly turning off, but also seemingly randomly turning itself on, when using the Bond. Guessing that there is a keep alive being sent by the Skytech-5001 remote I removed the batteries and while it changed the timing of the behavior it still occurs.

I would love to see this work reliably tough in the mean time I have sadly had to stop using the Bond as I can’t chance the fireplace being on when I am not aware of it, or even at home. I’d be ok with the Bond periodically sending an off signal every 30 minutes or hourly if the fireplace was not turned on using the Bond (and being able to configure a turn off limit as well, say after 6 or 8 hours).

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@merck… Has there been any update to this issue? 2 years later and I am experiencing the same issue with a supposedly “supported” remote.