Remote with only one ON/OFF button?

Hi! I just bought the BOND because my electric fireplace is not compatible with KASA smart plugs, so I turn to BOND to open and close my electric fireplace.

I would like to know if the remote that controls the fireplace must have an ON and OFF button for it to work with BOND? Because the video that I found shows me controllers with two buttons, an ON and an OFF, in short is it a problem to have a button that does the ON\OFF? Thank you!

Did you manage to solve your problem?

It should be possible to do a “power toggle” based device if it is within IR or RF range of the Bridge hardware, as long as it doesn’t use something super complex in the modulation. It may or may not be set up as a “fireplace device type” but that isn’t a real problem.

If you have the FCC ID of the remote, it can be checked to see if it is already known to work or not, and see what the RF or IR range is.

Hi! For now the best result i got to open and close my fireplace with the BOND device AND Alexa is that to open de fireplace everything go fine, i just ask Alexa to open and she does, but because i have to double tap the button to close the fireplace i have to ask twice Alexa to close the fireplace,not perfect but im ok with it. Not that if you have same problem as me when is time to close the fireplace with Alexa you have to ask the two time turn off when the panel lights are open in the front of the fireplace(in my case with my type of fireplace) maybe its not all the same thing on a different brand.