SEI fireplace remote not recognized by bond

Hi! I got my bond a few months back, its been working great for all my fans and tv, but I just got a electric fireplace and I can’t get the remote recognized by it. I think its IR? I don’t see an FCC number anywhere on the remote. If I have the bond set in RF mode the bond blinks quickly but its like it can’t get the remote. Any help? Thanks!

I found out that the remote is RF and at a frequency of 433.94mhz is where the bond picks it up. However, I could only get it to turn off the fireplace and nothing else. pressing the on/off toggle, the fireplace beeps but nothing else happens. The same thing with trying to program the other buttons. It just beeps and nothing happens.

I don’t think I have any answers for you today - have you tried the official Bond support options?
This forum is valuable and pretty active, but Bond staff only get a chance to come through every so often - they do remind us that official support channels are often quicker.

Some fireplaces are really picky about having multiple remotes trying to control them, or have weird signals (keep alives and other things), but since I don’t have a remote controlled fireplace of any sort, let alone your particular one, I’m not the best to try to help you.

Thanks for trying to find the FCC ID, providing a picture, and confirming the RF range. :+1:
Do you have any info about the fireplace brand or model?

Thanks for the reply, I didn’t think this was an actual support issue, so I never considered it. I’ll try the support channels next, but to answer your question, The manual for the insert shows the product number: FA5523 (guessing the 23 means 23 inches) and theres a PO#: PO100717 though I don’t know what PO# means.

I think I found the FCC filing for this, or one in the same family / using the same remote:

Wow, that looks like it! I spent a long time trying to find it. thanks!

edit: So there’s no match in the bond database unsurprisingly, and even after taking the batteries out the remote must have some kind of backup battery inside for its timer scheduling as the screen dose not go fully blank. I’ll try support but with all these oddities, I think I might not get this to work.

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Somehow I got it to work. I have no idea why but the fireplace hates the toggle command bond gives it even though that’s what the remote uses. It’s the same issue with my tv. I guess whatever bond uses for the toggle signal isn’t well liked by alot of devices. My only other tiny complaint is I wish you could add user made buttons so I do things like add an input switcher button for my tv.

Hey Jason - for your TV and such, are you using Generic Device?
I’ve had a bit more luck using a fan or fireplace type device, manually recording each real button as something somewhat random from pre-selected list of Bond buttons for that type of device, then using the API on the command line to rename.
See here for one example: Dyson remote

Funnily enough, I used this dyson link to get the fireplace working. The bit with curl is just a bit out of my understanding, and yeah the TV uses the generic device function. Honestly, I don’t really swap inputs really frequently, so unless I really wanna try to figure that out, I’ll just wait for something more user friendly to come along. Thanks though! Now if GH was a bit smarter with differentiating lights in the same room. haha. But that’s not here nor there.

Okay. Let me know if you ever get really bugged with the input button missing and I’ll walk you through step by step.

I’ve ended up assigning most of my lights and the GH itself to a “Virtual Room” (so I only get the * ding * on state change vs a readback of the device name) and naming my lights themselves “living lamp” or “office lamp” or “guest ceiling”.
Sort of cringe, sort of wicked.