Unable to pair Proflame 2 controller

I was wondering if anyone has had luck pairing a Proflame 2 fireplace controller? I have tried pairing it, and I get the green light flash on the Bond. But when I test it, it doesn’t work.
Pressing the buttons on the actual remote cause a beep to be emitted from the fireplace. When I test the pairing, I don’t get the beep and nothing happens on the fireplace.
When I look up the FCC code to see if the device is supported by Bond, it says that it is.

I, too, see the remote listed as “supported” on the Bond website - can you share the first 2 letters of your Bond Bridge?
Note: The FCC filing shows it is a 315 MHz remote.

While we wait for any other users, or the Bond staff, to chime in here on the forums, there are 2 things we can try.

  1. Working directly with Bond support staff. They are the preferred method for timely feedback and assistance, since the Bond staff are only able to visit the forums here from time to time.
  2. Manual remote recording vs using the automatic database match.
    Try adding a new remote, of type Fireplace, and then once you get to the spot where you’d select your first button to press, go to Advanced Settings.
    Set Signal Type = RF, Frequency = 315, and turn OFF the “Search remote database” option. See if when you get the Bridge to blink green and test the on screen button if the fireplace beeps / responds.
    If you choose the On/Off button, does the receiver need paired to the new Bond remote as demonstrated here? Sorry, I don’t have this remote / fireplace so I’m only going to be able to get so far in brainstorming things to attempt.