Superior EF-BRCK Fireplace Remote

Has anybody had any luck pairing a Superio Fireplace Remote and got it to control the fireplace?

I am able to add the buttons to the Bond App and using the EF-BRCK but it doesn’t work controlling the fireplace. I have a feeling it has something to do with the “Security Code” the fireplace stores from the remote. And I would need the bond to have it’s own security code.

Here is a clip from the instructions. You pair the remote with the Fireplace first…

The control module will learn up to 3 different transmitter security codes (only one may be a thermostat style).
Security codes will be retained in memory indefinitely if power is removed.
Press and hold learn switch on for 6-seconds then release to clear all transmitter security codes retained in memory. Repeat learn process as needed.

I suspect you’re on the right track there; other folks have also had issues where the original remote would send conflicting signals (particularly in a “keep alive” type recurrence).

I personally don’t have any fireplaces to set up with my Bond Bridges, but I know a couple questions the community and Bond staff might want to ask.

  • Does your original remote have an FCC ID on it anywhere?
  • Can you upload pictures of the front, back and battery compartment of the remote if not?
  • Does the Bond Bridge automatically find the fireplace when recording the first couple buttons, or do you have to record all buttons?
  • If it automatically found the commands after a couple buttons of recording, can you see the Template it assigned in the app, under the fireplace device / settings page?
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I’ve had issues with my fireplace as well, and finally gave up. I’m not sure what it is about fireplaces, but they seem to be problematic. Has anyone had any success having Bond control a fireplace?

There are numerous folks with different kinds of fireplaces that do have success.

If you’re having difficulty, please reach out to Chat in the app during business hours, or send an email to to start a ticket.
The forums here are often helpful and offer a sense of community, but those official support options will be quicker.

I have and they’ve said that this remote hasn’t been tested so it’s not supported. I’d be glad to try to help test, but understand that you can’t possibly deal with every variant of remote out there.

On an unrelated note, I wrote a windows app to control the bond that you were taking a look at way back when (so long ago that it was before the pandemic) butyou were busy with other things. I wonder if you were at a place now where you’d like to take a look?

Have you / Support been able to get the FCC ID and find the filings for it?

Ah, yes, thank you for the reminder, @DanHi ! Working in the medical field, I’ve been kept continuously busier than I expected over this past year.

I will try to dig into your Windows-based method within the next month; apologies for the delay and the still-nebulous time frame.

The FCC ID is T99058404300.

And let me know when you get around to looking at it as I’ve made improvements so I’d want you to test the latest and greatest.

Also, I plan to implement the backup option as soon as that endpoint is documented. If you need any help testing that I’d be glad to help.

Looks like that goes to here FCC filing / manual.

And on Bond’s website, it is currently marked as ‘Not Supported’.
That being said, @endy and other Bond friends - is this on a roadmap for future development, or is there something about the encoding / signal modulation that makes it unlikely for future support?