Help! Bond Bridge Pro can't find my RF Remotes

Good Afternoon,
I’ve got two RF Remotes, one for ceiling RGB strip light and another one for a Fireplace.
Can’t manage to save any of these remotes.
It’s my first time when I am using Bond for this type of integration.
Any help or suggestion is welcomed.

Fireplace remote

Strip Light

Hey @Wave-avi-AK

Do you have more info about your Honeywell fan? I could not find any frequency or FCC ID info in the PDF… If you do have the FCC ID or the motor model, you can try checking if Bond supports it here:

From the link you provided for the RGB LED Strips, it looks like we can’t support it, since it operates in 2.4GHz, and Bond does not work with this frequency.
Not sure if you already read this article on how to program a remote, but in case it is helpful:

Thank you for using Bond and let me know if I can help you better :slight_smile:

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