Valor G4 Gas Insert

Just got a Bond Bridge and I was able to learn the remote successfully, though it was the wrong suggestion for “known” remotes, the suggestion wasn’t even for a fireplace, despite my remote being in the Bond FCCID lookup on the website. Is there a way to search for known remotes without having to learn them? Especially if there are discrete codes that Bond is aware that can’t necessarily be learned.

The FCCID of the remote is RTD-G6RH. This is an RF remote on 315Mhz. While its a Valor brand fireplace its basically the same remote for any fireplace that uses the Mertik Maxitrol GV60 receiver.

My issue is how to simulate press and hold of a button. It doesn’t repeat the command like the remote does if the button is held down. I also can’t double-tap up and down to go to max flame or off like I can on the remote. Also the “on” command and it is actually a combination of two buttons (off and flame up held together) don’t know how to learn that. Not that I need to use that often, as that lights the pilot light, and for the winter its best to leave the standing pilot on (though it will shutdown after 7 days with no activity and you need to use on again). Also I find the speed of the commands slow. I push the button on my ipad and it take awhile for the fireplace to register, but it might be the placement of my bridge, not sure.

So I was able to learn ON (a combo of two buttons) but have not been able to get the discreet signal for “max flame” and “min flame” to work. It should be a quick double press but the hex signal learned doesnt trigger the action on the fireplace and I don’t know why.

If the double tap is just a repeat of the command sent with a single button press, you could learn the single button press, then adjust the repeat count by using the API.