Proflame 2 Fireplace Remote


I just received my Bond Bridge yesterday and had no trouble at all connecting my 2 ceiling fans. The bridge found the appropriate remote immediately and it works flawlessly.

I also have a gas fireplace with a Proflame 2 remote (FCC ID: T99058402300) which is supported according to the Bond Supported Devices website, but I am not able to get it to work correctly. It will turn on the fireplace . . . occasionally, but will not turn it off. I was surprised when programming that it didn’t find the remote in the database since it is a supported remote, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. This was one of the main reasons I purchased the Bond Bridge so it would be a huge disappointment if it didn’t work.

Please let me know if any additional information is needed to provide assistance.

I do not have any fireplaces with remotes.
However, I’ve seen a few recurring themes with them.
Often, removing the batteries out of the original remote helps, once you’ve got Bond set up (apparently original remotes sometimes send state packets on some recurring interval).

You can also record each button press without using the Bond’s remote database (I am a little unclear if that’s what you did already or not) if the remote matches from the database are not working.

Finally, this forum is great and extremely helpful, but don’t forget Bond has official Support options on their website to get more real-time assistance. Most of us are just enthusiasts, and the Bond staff that get a chance to wander in here from time to time are not always able to respond to each forum post in a timely fashion.

Thanks for the reply!

I did try programming without using the database and was able to get it to turn on. I also removed the batteries as well and unfortunately no luck!

I appreciate the feedback and will try to get in touch with someone under the support section as well.

Thanks again!

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