ST and Alexa not playing nice with Bond


I just got a couple of new fans and a Bond Bridge, so I don’t really know much. So far the functionality is not working properly in Smartthings and Alexa. Even though the Bond Home App does control the fans, ST & Alexa just turn the fan off whenever I try to do anything. I suspect that I may not have set up the fan correctly in the Bond App.

The fans that I have are Hunter Reveille and have a bit of an odd remote.

Because the remote doesn’t have set speeds, I have set up the Bond app with a power toggle and increase/decrease buttons.

When I got to ST, it shows a power toggle and a slider.

When I hit the toggle button in ST, it changes from off to on, but when I use the slider either one of two things happen: (1) if the fan is off, nothing happens, (2) If the fan is on, it turns off. In both cases, the slider does not stay in the position I slid it to. It just goes back to off.

A similar thing happens when I attempt to use a voice command via Alexa. If I say “set the fan to 50%” it just turns off the fan.

I am not really sure what to do next. The communication seems to be there, but it does nothing or turns the fan off. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the card that came with the fan:

Here is the setup screen from the Bond App:

Finally, here is the screen from Smartthings.

I apologize for the multiple replies here, but as a new member, I am limited to one photo per entry. Once again, thanks in advance for any help.

Welcome to the community, and thanks for the extensive details!

I’ll chew this over for a bit and see if I have any suggestions. If any of the Bond staff, or other forum members, have insight, they may beat me to a response. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Support got back to me today and said that my fan/remote (Hunter Reveille, specifically the FCC ID) have not been tested by their team and therefore the issue cannot be immediately resolved. With that, the bridge fails to perform the tasks that I purchased it for (automations and voice commands) and will be returned. Thanks for looking into it.

For future reference, what is the FCC ID?

Before you give up… SmartThings is moving to edge drvers to control devices locally (on your SmartThings Hub), Assuming your Bond Bridge and Bond App can control your fans just fine,and assuming your Bond Bridge is on the same home network as your SmartThings hub, then I think I have an answer for you.

Delete your Bond Bridge devices in the SmartThings App.
Using your SmattThings app, remove Bond from SmartThings under Menu, then the gear icon in the upper right corner, then Linked Services. Now go to the following link and follow the instructions to install the new edge driver for Bond.

Assuming Alexa is the same as Google Home (which I use), once you have your devices back into SmartThings using the new edge driver, everything should be picked up by Alexa.

I have been using this new SmartThings edge driver for many weeks now, and all my Bond devices (fans, shades, and fireplace) came into SmartThings fine, and function perfectly. If you add something new to your Bond Bridge,it will magically appear in SmartThings.

Let me know if it works for you… Good Luck!

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The FCC ID is IN2TX50.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will try this out tomorrow.

I went through the steps and the Bond bridge was added to ST. The fans, however, were not. I deleted one of the fans from the Bond bridge and re-added it to see what would happen. ST still does not show it.

But your Bond Bridge and the Bond App handles the fans just fine? If that is the case, it is strange ST is not seeing them with the new edge driver. You might want to post your problem to the ST edge driver Developer and see if he/she can figure out why ST is not seeing your fans. Worth a shot before before ripping them out and replacing them.


I returned the bridge. I was not able to get it to do anything. Thanks for your suggestions and help.

I have my Harbor Breeze fan/light combo working in Bond under the Edge drivers, both fan and light show up under one device in SmartThings. In Alexa it shows up as a light but turning it on/off controls the fan. Based on other information here and in the SmartThings forums I presume this is an issue with how Edge treats multi-component devices. I have resolved this by creating a virtual device in SmartThings which then controls the light and having Alexa control the virtual device, but it’d be great if there’s a way to support the Bond device directly without the workaround.

How do I get the beta; I have the Testflight IOS app loaded but it seems to need an invitation?

The beta firmware channel is now selectable through the normal app.
See here