Smartthings (Samsung Connect)

Hi All,

This weekend was released our new integration with Smartthings (Samsung Connect).
Some users tried to use it over the weekend and couldn’t find their device listed.

For now, only Smart By Bond devices are supported (via the new Bond Home app). Bond Bridge (BD-1000) support will be released in the coming weeks.

When we have more information, we’ll post it here.



I am a Beta tester, but I try to use Bond Bridge and it keeps saying that it is in Beta. Any idea on how to fix this?

Do you have an idea on release time table? Would love to use this with smartthings to automatically turn on/off the fan when the motion detector sees me and the temp is over 72.

I reset my bridge to factory default then set it back up with the new Bond Home app. The new app loaded the 2.6.21beta firmware

I already have the Bridge with that firmware. How do I link it to SmartThings. Is there a Beta Bridge software. My BOND app is the Beta.

Gotcha. I used the Bond Home app with the bridge on beta firmware. Using the new SmartThings app I paired the Bond Home app to it. SmartThings app reported ‘successfully connected to Bond Home. Devices connected to this account can be controlled in SmartThings’.
However no Bond gateway or connected devices show in the SmartThings app

The Samsung Connect integration currently works only with “Smart by Bond ceiling fans”, however we are working on exposing the Bridge-assisted devices. We just fixed a firmware bug yesterday that was preventing the integration from working. Should be a matter of days now.


So you can’t use the SmartThings Classic app! Well if that is true, I can’t take advantage of this as I have too many custom DTHs and Smart Apps. If I am wrong please tell me how you paired the smart app with BOND Home.

I does sound like Bond is still diligently working on the integration. All that I can report on is my experience on the user end. It does appear, to me, that you will need to use the new SmartThings app to integrate/pair the Bond. However, that does not necessarily mean that the integration won’t work with the classic SmartThings app after the 2 systems are paired.

The question is how do I pair the two?

For now, the smartthings integration will work only with the new app.
And, as @merck said, will be available for bridges very soon.


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Is there going to be a way to use the old app?

It’s on our backlog, for sure, but I can’t estimate a date for it.

Thanks, I am a little disappointed, as most of us tech people use the classic app.

Samsung is not supporting the classic app by integrators like us. So, the strategy here is, a community member may create a (great) integration for the classic app and share it. This seems to work well for a number of other products.

So, the real announcement to look for from us is, Cloud API fully supporting Bridge-assisted devices.


Following this closely.

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I had tested Bond during its pre-launch dates and was excited when the ST integration was announced. Logged into the ST app and none of my devices show up

Installed the new Bond App and its unable to pair my bridge (only pairs with the old Bond App).

Waiting for the rollout…

Hello @BatraD

The ST integration supports only Smart By Bond devices right now, running a beta version that still needs some polishment, and we are working to handle every Bond on the next weeks.

Thank you for your interesting.

i did install the new app (took a while - Install Testflight app, update code on Bond device in old app, factory reset, then pair with new app)

The Bond unit now has the latest 2.x beta firmware and shows up in the new app

Tried to pair in smartthings and says accounts paired successfully, but does not show my fans. Guess i have to control my excitement and just wait for the code to be ready

Hey there, what Felipe means by “Smart By Bond” are smart ceiling fans and after-market receivers controlled directly by the Bond app, that were just released.

For now, our SmartThings integration doesn’t support devices controlled by a “Bond Bridge” (that is, the hub that most people are familiar with). It’s a bit confusing, but soon enough we’ll have all the integrations working for all devices on our platform.