SmartThings Local Control with Edge Driver [ALPHA]

I am looking for volunteers interested in alpha testing a SmartThings Edge driver for the Bond Bridge. Installation entails accepting a testing invite and installing the driver through your browser with your Samsung account. It is pretty simple.

Currently supported features:

  1. Fans with 3 and 4 speed control
  2. Fans with integrated light supporting on/off
  3. Motorized shades and awnings with/without position control
  4. Fireplaces, Lights, Bidets and Generic devices with on/off
  5. Automation via push updates and routines

Known Issues

  1. Using a fan’s IR remote would cause any driver and the Bond app to become out of sync
  2. IR range/signal causes some commands to be lost. Testing would entail checking SmartThings state against the Bond app state as the source of truth.
  3. Driver is currently untested for Smart By Bond (SBB) Fans. Should work, but not verified.
  4. SmartThings Edge and the Bond push API are all in beta, so driver updates are expected

Please let me know if you are interested. We are getting ready to move to BETA once we get some SBB testing.

CC: @merck

Hey @blueyetisoftware

I would like to test it out, feel free to send me a DM. :slight_smile:

I would also like to participate! Hit me up with the details…

I have fans with speeds and with lights I also have a fireplace three fans all items worked at one time and all stopped at the same time

Invitation sent. Thanks :+1:

I’m interested aswell

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I’m interested in testing the driver. My Bond presently controls 4 IR ceiling fans (various manufacturers.) I also have 5 Somfy window shades controlled directly by Smartthings. All linked to Alexa. I also have an Alfred door lock which I have been unable to control thru Smartthings. I look forward to hearing from you.

Neil Eisenband

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