Smartthings integration

Hi All,

As part of the v2 announcements, we released the Smartthings integration this weekend, and Smart By Bond devices are already eligible to use. Bond Bridges support will be available in the next weeks.

For now, it’s possible to control fans (power and speeds) and lights (power and brightness), but we have some limitation related to the maximum speed. If the fan has more than four speeds, it will be shown only three speeds as Low, Medium, and High.

Please let us know how is your experience with Smartthings integration.



So far working great, except Smartthings isn’t passing device type onto my Google Assistant integration. Google sees the Fan from Smartthings as a simple on/off switch. When Bond V2 was directly integrated into Google I was able to control fan speed with my voice. Not sure where the hiccup is (I would assume on Samsung’s end), but that’s where I’m at.

Thanks @tenkely

I’m going to create a task to verify that.

Have you used the smart things app?

Yes. The ST app (the awful new one, not ST Classic) shows the device as a fan and reports all 4 speeds. It controls the fan very well so far.


OK can you please explain how to set this up? Thanks.

Hi @joel

For now, it’s available only for Smart By Bond devices.
To use the integration, you should add a new device in ST latest app and choose a Bond device.
If you don’t see any device, it’s because none of them is a Smart By Bond.

Bridges will be supported soon.

Hi @tenkely

Are you using Google Home app for it?
Or ST?


Hi there @feliperuhland,

Current setup has the Bond added directly to ST, then ST added to Google.

I will note in the past week I’ve had a couple issues with ST not being able to connect to the Bond device(s). I removed and re-added and it worked well until a few days ago when it added duplicate devices. One set of the devices returns a server error, the other set was working fine, but today seem to be having some issues connecting again.

Hi @tenkely

Could you send me your bond_id via DM?

I have had some duplications before, so I want to guarantee that it isn’t on our side.

Thanks, Felipe

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Another thing, if you go in Smartthings Settings -> Connected services -> Bond Home.

You don’t need to delete account, but on this screen, ST will ask us for all the devices and this will update on ST side.

That may help you! :slight_smile:

are these smart by bond devices or the bond bridge?

@tenkely have you tried that?

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Hi @smckdwn989

It’s a Smart By Bond device.
For now, only Smart by Bond devices are supported.

Yeah, tried that, it still shows duplicate devices… Getting network error on both sets of devices now as well. Looks like the one device was still successful at controlling the device despite the error.

One more update, it looks like the devices that Google is pulling from ST are the duplicates that have the server error.

Hi @tenkely

My devices were duplicated, as well.
I’m opening a ticket for that.

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Have a few duplicates lol

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It appears that my Bond bridge associated devices are being recreated in SmartThings each time the two clouds interact. I have probably deleted 100+ ‘ceiling fan-fan’ devices in SmartThings in the past few days.

“Another thing, if you go in Smartthings Settings -> Connected services -> Bond Home.

You don’t need to delete account , but on this screen, ST will ask us for all the devices and this will update on ST side.“

This just creates even more duplicates…:thinking:

When you go to connected services, then Bond Home, it makes a new request to get the devices.
It’s an annoying bug.

I’m preparing a new release for ST and I’m going to talk with them to debug this.

Thank you for your report.

Hi All,

I deployed a new version of ST integration, changing two fields that changed the type or the validation.

Could you test the integration again?