Mobile Apps v2.32.0 and Beta Firmware Channel

We have released both Android and iOS apps v2.32.0. This version supports changing the firmware channel you want to subscribe to.

We know that some of you were having a hard time setting up Testflight, so we changed how the beta program works. You will no longer be required to enroll in the beta program in order to try out some features before we officially release them. You can switch to the Beta firmware channel in the account settings screen and proceed to perform a firmware update on your Bond devices.

If you want to leave the Beta channel, you can switch back to the Stable firmware channel.

You will hear from us when we have features in the Beta program so you can try and let us know what you think about them.

This seems so cool!

Going from Stable to Beta, or reverting from Beta to Stable - all is expected to preserve database devices and such, with any features or nodes which reply on specific firmware being potentially “iffy”?
Would be nice to have any known potential caveats due to switching channels be visible in the app / confirmation flow.

You’re right to point out that there are risks to Beta firmware, and that forward compatibility (fw downgrades) is more challenging than backwards compatibility (fw upgrades). We only do Q/A testing on upgrades. However, our database record design usually permits forwards compatibility, or at least avoids bad consequences like crashes when old firmware sees new (or updated) database records.

The forthcoming backup & restore feature should help mitigate any issues that arise.

I have noticed currently that the beta channel on my BD-1000 displays a lower version # of beta firmware than the stable channel…

My BD-1000s are showing:

  • BD serial number start:, “this is the latest version” shows
  • ZZ serial number start: 2.17.3-beta, “this is the latest version” shows

BD-1750 shows:

  • 2.19.0-beta, “this is the latest version” shows

I don’t see a way to tell what version I’m running on Android, and any way to do an update. I even looked in the play store and it doesn’t show an update.

Are you talking about finding the app version and/or the firmware channel?
It’s under the first screen menu, Account Info.
(Middle section of screen will have firmware channel, bottom of screen will have Android app version)

OK, looks like I’ve got the latest. Thanks.