Somfy blinds paired, up/down only tilts

I just received my Bond Bridge and paired 2 of my Somfy blinds to it. The blinds have been paired successfully, however the up and down buttons only tilt the blinds (just one “step”), and doesn’t go all the way up/down. The “my” button works well.
My Somfy RTS remote is Telis 4 Mod/Var, with a scroll wheel. I saw a thread here with a similar issue of another user and followed the steps to set the upper and lower limits, but the problem still exists.
Any idea?


After some reading, it sounds to me like my blinds are in EU mode, and not in the US mode, which Bond works with. However, in order to change that, I need a Telis remote, which I don’t have (I wasn’t able to do it using my Telis Modulis remote).
Any idea how to change that?
Any chance Bond can provide me with the “long press my button” command (that’s how you change the mode according to the manual)?


We’ve got our remote expert looking into this. We first thought that you were in some sort of setup mode, but if you were, the “my” button wouldn’t work at all.

I’m pretty sure it’s the EU/US mode (in EU mode, short press tilts, long press of 2 seconds goes all the way up/down. In US mode it’s the opposite, and I guess that’s what you’re implementing, so my EU shade gets the up command, which is short press, and only tilts). Toggle should be by powering off the shade, then powering on and then pressing the “my” button for 5 seconds (within 30 seconds after power on). However this doesn’t work with my Telis Modulus remote, and should be done with a Telis remote, as it’s only relevant to it.

Hey, any news on that?

Hey, we think we have a solution. We are preparing a version of the firmware for you. Should have something for you to try out later today or tomorrow.

I have a version of the firmware with a first shot at an “EU mode” Somfy controller, with a holdable button. We’d like to get this in your hands to see how your experience with it will be.

If you PM me your Bond ID I can push you the firmware and generate a remote for you.

It seems like I’m not able to send PMs. Probably cause I’m a new user?

Yeah, I forgot about that. Just bumped you up, try again.

Was there any resolution to this that can be shared?

I’m also looking for blinds and would be curious to know which models are known to work well with Bond.

Here’s the current status, not quite resolved:

Our current Somfy remote only has a pair signal and three control signals: Open, Close, and “my” (a favorite position). This is the full set of signals generated by the Somfy RTS controller for window shades and other window coverings with no controllable “angle”. So for these types of devices, you should be good to go.

However, this is just a subset of the protocol used by blinds, which includes signals for “Increase the angle of the blinds”, “Decrease the angle of the blinds”, and has long-press controls.

We got @mikibe a new controller to test out assuming that just a “long press” sort of button would solve the problem, but it didn’t work at all. We now have some of these blinds set up in our lab and we’re studying them. We hope to have something out in a few weeks.

Just a +1 from me for the need/interest for this support. My current Somfy Blinds setup is a 3-button remote where a short press of up/down moves the blinds all the way in the given direction, and a long press just tilts one increment. My ‘morning routine’ with the Bond Bridge correctly opens the blinds using the “My” command but I can’t get them to close in the evening, as the Bridge only seems to send a long press in Up or Down direction. I have to close manually with the Somfy remote at night. First-world problems, I know, but it would be so nice to put away that Somfy remote for good! I’m willing to beta test new hw/sw/fw if that helps. Thanks!

I´m the same problem, but I have many others somfy Blinds and works fine

I’m having exactly the same issue with a couple of somfy blinds. Unable to trigger up and down, my button works but up and down just increment the tilt.

Has there been any further progress on a firmware fix?

bump: I’ve just gotten my bond controller, and only have two devices I wanted to control a fan, and my somfy blinds. I saw this post before I even ordered, but figured it was resolved by now. Is it? It seems as if it is not. Like everyone else , I have the US three button, short press opens/closes, long press tilts blinds. Like everyone else on this post the open/close and tilt all do the same thing, just move the blinds a small amount (equal to a long press of the buttons). I did notice that if I go to edit command and then restore defaults that I get one good Open/Close action before it returns to just tilting. Seems like it wants to work, just not sending the signal long enough?

Honestly I really want this to work, for the price to control one fan and one blind it’s a bit overkill, but to only control one fan correctly, and poorly control the blinds, I think I’ll have to return it,which would make me sad.

EDIT: also wanted to add that I did go through the process of making sure my blinds were in face properly set up with upper/lower limits.

Hi, I’m in the UK and had the same problem. I changed the motor to EU mode and it now works fine.
To change modes use the somfy remote. Press UP and DOWN on your remote together for 5 seconds, the shade should jig up and down, you then press the MY and DOWN together for 2 seconds. The shade jigs again! this should switch modes.
Hope that helps

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That’s interesting, @smarthomeandcinema - thanks!

Hopefully this trick will work for some others in the thread.
Might also be of note for @jacob.

This did not work for me. It’s really surprising and frustrating. I feel like I have a pretty common Somfy controller. Up /down / MY
Press to fully open or close, HOLD to slowly open/close. My to go to preset setting
The only button that does work is MY.

I’ve reset the shades, re set the upper and lower limits. The controller works great.
I guess what is strange to me, is that Bond specifically lists somfy brand shades as something they support.

@ptdalen - I understand it can be frustrating. For the Somfy blinds folks, I think it is still a work in progress for some scenarios (particularly around EU / US mode).
However, I thought that Somfy shades were fairly solid.

I believe you’re likely going to be served more quickly by opening a ticket with Bond support officially (either via website or email [ ]); Bond staff don’t always come through regularly enough on here to resolve in the shortest timeframe.

Try to configure the shade as Light → Somfy Light and try to turn it on/off.
This way I could control my shades.

Another option is to try the firmware, add a new property “reps” and set it to value 2.
This way you can control the shades which are configured as normal shades and not light…