Somfy remote created but shade jogs instead of moving all the way

I have created a Somfy Remote controller in Bond app, following the instructions. The remote has been created succesfully and shows 3 butons UP Stop & Down, the thing is that when I press the down or up button the blind moves just one step down or up, there is no way to tell the blind to close or open all the way.

What should I do?

Do you have a pretty recent version of the firmware? At least v2.9? This sounds exactly like a problem we fixed a couple months ago.

You could check the version and upgrade on the Bond’s settings page, which you can find by tapping on the tile for your Bond Bridge on your app dashboard.

Hi Jacob, thank you very much for your soon response.
Firmware version is 2.10.8, the latest version.

Also for your information, I have used the 2 different Somfy Remotes, Trelis 4 and Trelis 1 (both with 433,42 Mhz communication frequency)

Okay, our team’s Somfy expert will be around shortly, I’ll discuss this with him and we’ll see what he thinks.

Thank you Jacob, and thanks for the clarification on the title of my post, let us see what your Somfy expert suggest to help us fix the problem

Are you still able to use your physical remote like normal?

Yes Jacob, if I us the physical remote control, pressing the up button or down button for a few seconds, the shades go all the way up or down. If I click down or up they just jog. But using Bond there is no way to press or click, but just click and the shades just jog.

Okay, @Ulisez , you have a button between the up and down button that says “my” right? When pressing it, does it do anything?

Our current theory is that your remote is in “position setup mode”, and that just pressing the “my” button will do nothing. In “normal” mode, his button should send your shades to a “favorite” position. And “^”/“v” should send your shades to the top and bottom.

To exit “setup” mode, you’d want to make sure the upper and lower limits are set, and then hold the “my” button at what you’d like to be a preset position… the shades should jog and you should be in “normal” mode.

Here’s a ~5 min video on this setup

Let me know if our theory is completely wrong, though, and we’ll re-evaluate.

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Thank you Jacob, very instructional, i´m sure these shades have never been programed, I don´t remember the technician doing all these job after finishing physicall installation. I will give it a try and i´ll let you know the results.