Which Somfy Should I Select

I just received my Bond Bridge. I ordered from US to Spain. I bought the Bond Bridge specifically to control the shades on the west side of my eleventh floor flat to keep out the heat of the setting sun.

My flat has Somfy “shades.” I’m using quotes because they are actually outside the sliding windows that enclose my terrace. I have a single Somfy remote (it says “Situo 5 io Pure GX368” on the back) that was left by the previous owner of the flat. It raises and lowers the shades properly.

When I follow the instructions on the Bond website or in the YouTube video it says “select Somfy.” But there are 3 Somfy selections on my app.

  1. Somfy Shade
  2. Somfy Blinds
  3. Somfy RTS Awning

Does it matter which one I use? I tried both #1 and #3 and neither worked.

In the setup process, when I press the button on the back of my remote, the shades jog as described. But when I press the Pair button, nothing happens. The shades do not jog.

BTW, pressing the button on the back of the remote disables the buttons on the front of the remote for a minutes or two. I assume the remote is still in the pairing mode during that time. Should I wait a minute before pressing Pair?

Any advice at this time would be appreciated.

Sadly the Somfy “io” technology is entirely different than RTS. It uses 868 MHz which is not supported by the Bond Bridge.