Somfy blind only tilts with up/down


I have a few wired somfy blinds in my home that work correctly but i also have a few which are battery powered and those only tilt when using the up/down buttons in the bond app, using my Somfy Telis 16 RTS it works fine using the up and down buttons on the remote.

Firmware of my bond is on the latest (3.17.4)

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I’m not familiar with Somfy directly, though I try to read whatever anyone says on the forum about them.

When you say your wired Somfy blinds “work correctly” but your battery operated ones “only tilt when using the up/down buttons in the Bond app”, while your OEM remote “works fine with the up and down buttons”, I’m trying to picture what you mean.

Is it that your wired Somfy blinds raise or lower and tilt, all through separate buttons in the Bond app?

And that your battery ones fail to raise or lower, but the Up and Down buttons in the Bond app exist and only tilt the blinds, while the OEM remote can do both raising/lowering and tilting (confusingly, it sounds like all through Up or Down buttons)?


If i press the up or down buttons in the bond app the blind only goes up or down a little bit and then stops, when i use the OEM remote the blind goes all the way down or up.

The blinds i have in my home that are not battery powered work normally via the bond app but only the ones that are battery powered have this issue.

On the OEM remote, do you have to hold down the button so long as you want the shade to move, with the shade stopping as soon as the button is released? (This is sometimes called “deadman operation”.)

Hi no on the OEM remote i only have to press the button once and can then release it the blind will then continue to open or close position

Interesting. — Well, I don’t have a fix now, but I can say that we are planning to implement Venetians & TDBUs in the near future, and the Somfy venetians (tiltable blinds) are near the top of the list.

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