Sunsetter awning with Somfy remote

I have a Sunsetter awning which uses a Somfy remote, that I am trying to get to work with my Bond. It appears that Somfy uses an RTS protocol that has “rolling” codes. I have tried to add it as “Somfy Shades” and “Somfy Blinds” but to no avail. The programming button on the back of the remote does not make it “jog” so my guess is that it is slightly different than the shades or blinds setup

Bond, any chance of you adding a Somfy awning device? I would gladly help you with debugging this if you want to add it to your list of supported devices!


UPDATE: So I didn’t understand you were suppose to hold down the programming button. Once I did that I did get the “jog” to happen. Unfortunately the “open” and “close” commands are reversed. It would be great if we could get a new device setup with those two switched.

Had the same issue, holding the button until it jogs was the answer, glad you found that. I have Somfy shades and drapes. I wish Bond would have stated that in their directions, mine would not jog until after about 7 seconds at the limit of my patience ;->

As for the reversed open and closed, that is part of the setup procedure for the awning. Go to Somfy and they have excellent videos and step by step procedures on how to set up the operation, the lower, upper limits, the My position, and how to switch the open and close directions. I found the programming complicated, too complicated for me to relate here and really is best handled by the video on somfy regarding setup. Procedure involved mixing the programming button on the back, the open, close and my buttons. If all the limits are correct, the procedure for reversing the open and close directions is an easy subset and is common for all Somfy RTS devices.

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