Smart by Bond reset

I have a ceiling fan module that connects to Bond. How do I reset this ceiling fan module.

There is an old rescue reset from early batches that I assume will still work.
WARNING: this is a full factory reset.

See here

Thanks for jumping in, Matt.

Really, this is a good question for our support team, but I’ll give an answer here.

Brian, if you haven’t already used the nuclear option (“rescue reset”), here’s two other alternatives:

To just cause the Bond Config AP to re-appear, hold down the Power button (or “Zero” button) for 10 seconds. Check your Wi-Fi list on your phone settings.

To perform a normal factory reset, that wipes all data including account info, Wi-Fi password, except remote pairing info, do a “factory reset”. Same instructions as Matt shared but use the Speed 1 button (or Timer button if you have the HomeDepot aftermarket kit, since it has no separate Speed 1 button). – The factory reset doesn’t change the fw version.

The rescue reset (Speed 3 or Breeze button with the aforementioned procedure) will also revert the firmware version to the factory original, and cause the remote to come unpaired. Not usually needed, and a bit of a PitA to recover from with the required re-pair, so that’s why we usually stick to Factory Reset.

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Thank you, @merck! Was trying to find the less drastic versions but couldn’t lay my hands on them.