Wifi outages causing 99434 to be unreachable by Bond App

I have 7 fans in my house with the Home Depot universal remote system (model 99434) installed in them.

I have been having intermittent wifi outages. Haven’t tracked down the cause yet, but when the wifi goes back up, the Bond App (and the rest of my smart home system) can’t connect to some of the fans. Right now I have 1/7 connected. I get the error “There was a problem communicating with the device. Please try again later.” on all the others if I try to interact with them in the Bond App, and the “My Devices” page just looks like it’s loading constantly for those.

I’ve noticed that sometimes they reconnect over time, but I don’t see any way of refreshing the connection within the Bond App.

What can I do to reconnect them? My only thought, that I haven’t tried, is turning the power off and on again at the circuit breaker of my house.

Might be worth contacting Support through the app to get more up to date instructions, but I believe your options are indeed a circuit breaker reset (unless you have your power to your fan controlled by a wall switch in your rooms - depends on how you wired them if they are always on or have that switch in the circuit).

Otherwise, there are 3 options for various levels of resetting.

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Hey @Kethlak

When the Bond App can’t connect to the fans, are the Config Wi-Fi AP broadcasted? I mean, can you see a lot of “Bond Config XXXXXX” networks in your cellphone Wi-Fi list?