Bond "A" SN w/FW 2.6.21-beta - how update FW and move to new app?

I have an original “A” series Bond device w/2.6.21-Beta FW installed.

Two questions:

  1. How do I get it to update to the current release version of the FW?
  2. I’m currently “stuck” in the old Bond app (v1.150.0). How do I transition to the new Bond Home app w/out losing all of my devices/setup in the old app? When I open the new app there is the option to add a device, but the process asks me to use the reset button on the Bond and want to make sure that won’t remove all of my fans.


You will not loose your fans so long as you only do the “WiFi reset” where the lights turn GREEN and you release. Do NOT hold down the reset button until the lights go WHITE — that would perform a factory reset.

Or, if you prefer, we could move it over for you manually. Just PM me your email you use for the account and the serial number.

Great, thanks very much, @merck! I’ve migrated to the new app, and the FW update to current prod appears to have occurred during that process so looks like I’m all good. All my fans were carried over. (All my fans are belong to me.) :wink:

Also, are you guys still working on an official Hubitat integration? I’ve ordered a Hubitat hub and will be moving over to Hubitat gradually in the future due to what’s going on w/SmartThings, and a desire to have more control over my smart home system. Would love to have an official Bond integration…

Over 9000!

(The part that makes me nervous is actually the V1 --> V2 firmware upgrade, not the app upgrade. So you were already out of the woods. That V1-V2 upgrade involved a full database restructuring to allow for db re-use and expansion (and more devices!) which was the mode challenging code we’ve written here to date.)

Sadly we’re not in a position to build any third-party integrations ourselves.

We had discussions with the Hubitat folks a while back encouraging them to build in official support, and we’re open to some kind of collab, but we will not be doing the implementation.

(That said, I do use Hubitat at home using @dman2306’s integration.)

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