Occasionally have to use OEM remote before Bond will work

I have a fan using the Hampton Bay Zigbee controller Model # 68109.

I am not using the Zigbee portion as that proved to be quite unreliable.

Every so often the fan will not respond to any commands. Then I get the Hampton Bay remote out and turn on the fan. It works first go and then the Bond works after that.

I am running firmware

Any logic to this? Thanks.

  1. Do you know what Template (unless you raw-recorded each button) your Bond Bridge detected the OEM remote as?

  2. Next time the Bond Bridge commands are not being respected by the fan, can you flip the power off and back on (at the wall, for instance) instead of using the OEM remote? No specific reason I think that would or would not work, just curious if the only thing that ‘resets’ the receiver is the OEM remote sending a signal or not.

It has been some time since I set the fan up and I can’t actually remember how I did it. I don’t remember recording individually so I am guessing it was through a template. Assuming that is the case then the next obvious thing might be to try recording the buttons.

However, the idea of flipping the power on and off is a good one as this will let me know if recording the buttons is worth it.

The fan sits idle all winter but gets a workout for the next few months, so will see if it happens again. Thanks.

It should say in the Bond app, under the device page, tap the 3 dot menu, go to Settings, expand Advanced, and see if there is a Template listed:

a-ha - checked it - Template B2