Ceiling fan keeps crashing / rebooting into old firmware

Hi. I’ve had a Smart By Bond ceiling fan on my back deck for a few years now. I recently setup Home Assistant and a scene controller to control the fan, before that I mostly just turned it on and off with the wall switch (which cut power to it). Now I am trying to keep it always on. All that is to say I’m paying a lot more attention to it now, so I am not sure if my issues or new or not.

Here’s the version:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
BOND-Flags: 4
Content-Length: 300
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

{"target":"breck-volunteer-6rf","fw_ver":"v3.5","fw_date":"Wed Oct 19 21:46:16 UTC 2022","uptime_s":50488,"boot_patch":"not first boot","make":"Progress Lighting","model":"BF841","branding_profile":"PROGRESS_BF841","bondid":"KVPRBEL77550","upgrade_http":true,"api":2,"_":"7427cc77","__":"7427cc77"}

My wifi signal is weak, the API tends to report it in the 30s. Not sure why, it’s actually only 20 feet from the router.
I turned off the watchdog using the api, but it still seems to disappear. I thought it was just the wifi being flakey, and I think that is also the case, but I noticed it rebooting even with the watchdog turned off, and rebooting into v2.15.8.2, so it must be in a recovery mode or something. And then later I check back and it’s back to v3.5. Very confusing.

It’s also in the 30sF outside, so I wonder if it doesn’t like the cold.

Is there any way to get it to tell me what is happening? Like an api that says it’s in safe mode, or why it’s in safe mode?

Hey tim!

Smart by Bond devices usually boot in the factory partition first and then reboot in the OTA partition.
However, it shouldn’t be rebooting that much. We are looking at this issue!