Feature Request: Remote Replacement

My children are doing great at losing or possibly damaging their ceiling fan remotes. Luckily I was able to get the remote back working (put a new battery in right-side-up, then upside-down, then properly again) last night; however, it identified an issue for me. The fan remote I have today on 3 fans does not seem to have a replacement on the market. Ultimately, I want to get this on SmartThings so I can leverage other control techniques (motion, scenes, etc) but not everyone is there. Also, I removed the physical single switches in their rooms that controlled both fan and light together as they were frequently being turned off which blocked the remote from working.

I propose a two-part solution:

  1. Known compatible FCCID database connected to a shopping marketplace. In app, you can select “Lost Remote” and it will give a list of suitable replacements.
  2. Once replacement remote is found and present near the bond, the In-app “Replace Remote” feature can be selected to allow managing the remote pairing (frequency and encoding selection) without needing to lower the ceiling fan dome or other such items.
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I was able to configure my bond without using the remote for my fan. Does your fan use a non standard remote?

Let’s be sure we’re talking about the same device.

You were able to configure your BOND Bridge device with at least 1 fan, without pressing the original fan device manufacturer’s remote button while going through the BOND Bridge app setup?

Every time I’ve added a fan to the BOND Bridge device, it walks me through pressing at least one or two buttons on the original device manufacturer’s remote so the Bridge can “listen” to those RF / IR signals to determine frequency and message payload (truth be told I’ve only ever done RF fans, no IR so far). Once it gets one or two buttons, the Bridge checks the BOND database, says oh that should be fan XYZ, and gives me a selection of all the buttons configured for that fan on my screen to test. When I press the buttons in the app, if the fan responds to the commands sent by the BOND Bridge (triggered via the app screen press), then I accept and finish the setup for that fan.

If this is not your experience during set up when you are adding your fan to the BOND Bridge device in the mobile app, what do you do to say which brand/model of fan you are trying to add?

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I have a hunter douglas and I think I just chose it from the app. It was a while ago though

Interesting. I haven’t had that setup experience before.

Well that’s because I didn’t remember it right :slight_smile: I just reran the setup process and it works as you described

Sorry about that.

No big deal! I was just like… What sorcery is this?!

This is a good idea. Sadly, it’s not possible, in general, to buy the same FCC ID and be ensured of compatibility! — However, we do have some things in the works on the Bond app side that make setup easier.