Need help with ceiling fans (FCC Remote ID provided)

Can someone help me with the subject to determine if this should possibly work with BOND. Below I have provided the FCC ID of the remote as well as the Amazon link of the ceiling fan in question. So far I have been unable to get the remote to be recognized by Bond. I also have been unable to get it to recognize a standard IR remote so I’m beginning to wander if I have a defective bridge.


Amazon Link:

Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remote, 52 inch Black Ceiling Fan with Lights, LED, 5 Blades, 3-Speed Reversible, Modern Ceiling Fan for Bedroom, Living Room, Patio, Ceiling Fans by POCHFAN

Thanks for the FCC ID! It helps the community folks like me, and the Bond folks if they stop by, identify potential gaps in Bond’s Implementations.

However, unfortunately with this particular fan, you’ve run into a hardware compatibility issue. Bond Bridges do not have the hardware necessary to receive or transmit the “2.4 GHz RF signal” range.

The FCC ID you mentioned shows:

  • Signal Modulation: GFSK
  • Operation Frequency: From 2415 MHz to 2475 MHz

As far as the IR device, what are the details there?

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