[SOLVED] {A25-TX028} Stateful remote fan request

I recently bought a second fan for the computer room. This one is stateful as well it would seem.


I has a power button at top. A fan toggle with 3 speeds. a light on and off and a color temperature switch. I got a few commands to record but not all of them.

the remote info is as follows:
Model: TX028C-S
FCC ID: A25-TX028
IC ID 10924a-TX028

Let me know if I can do any testing or supply any more information to help.

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Thanks for reporting, James. We’ll add it to our queue. Very nice on the color temperature switch! We will need to add a feature for that!


Is there anywhere to track what is and is not supported? I could never really find a list but I may be looking in the wrong places.


Any update on this? I have the same fan and it’s driving me nuts. The remote appears to send seperate commands for light on and light off instead of a toggle. The bond will learn light off and work relatively consistently but if I try to learn light on it won’t work at all. If I learn the on command as power toggle it will work but often times I have to send the command twice.

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I love my bond. That being said it’s really hard to buy the right fan for it. Home depot listed bond as an add-on for this fan but until they take time to program it you’re not gonna be able to get this working right. There’s no list to check either for compatibility. I try it every couple updates but no luck so far. My other two fans work flawlessly. I don’t even care if they add the color temperature as I set it once for the room and moved on.

Have you had any more success than I’ve had? I have fan speeds working consistently but the light I usually have to send commands at least twice before it responds and I haven’t messed with the color temp button at all.

You’ve gotten farther than me. I spent too much time focusing on the power button. I’ll text it speeds this weekend.

For the speeds the key is that everytime you press the button it sends a different command. You have to be ready to learn the right one. Starting with the fan off learn 3 then 2 then 1 then off.

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Are you definitely programming “Light On” and “Light Off” commands, and avoiding the “Toggle Light” command in the app?

Yes, that can be very tricky to deal with! Ideally we would be able to add this remote’s protocol to our database so it can be programmed with one click of the remote.

We will eventually get to it, but there’s very few fans with the feature and we don’t have any in our lab yet.

When trying to program the light on command it will not work at all for some reason. I’ve tried recording dozens of times anywhere from the remote physically touching the Bond to 10ft away. After much fiddling around I found that if I use toggle top light as my on and light off as my off it works 95% of the time. I use a smartthings button and alexa for the controls.

Just a heads up @Bucketofsocks, I was able to get my fan speeds and light finally programmed this weekend after the latest beta release. I programmed it as “Light on” and “Light off”. Just make sure your light is in the state and synced with the controller and record light on when it is off and just press once to capture the command. Cycle it around a few times with the remote and then with the light is on, set it to capture light off and press it once. Should be good.

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Any updates? I recently got 4 fans with these remotes and none of them seem to pair reliably - very frustrating.

@merck @jacob Can we please get an update on compatibility with this fan? It’s obviously a very popular one but the pair doesnt work at all. I just received the Bond bridge and dont want to have to return it. Is there any way to get this working correctly, even with a work around? The trouble is that a single click of the light button on the remote toggles the light on/off, but when you hold it, it dims/brightens the light.

Still waiting and hoping for this remote to be added to the database.

I’ve got the fan and light to turn on and off, but nothing else. Also, when adding Bond to Smartthings, only the light shows up…not the fan. Even though they both show in the Bond App.

I’ve been waiting on an update on this remote for months. Very disappointing. Bought this fan with Bond in mind. Multiple firmware updates since this thread started and still NOTHING. Please give us SOMETHING @merck

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Hey @jmuggz - have you tried what @ThirteenTX mentioned above?

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@residualimages, can confirm it is still working great for me. @jmuggz if I wasn’t clear enough let me know and I will be happy to elaborate. While this is more tedious once it is set it is done and continues to work. I don’t have dimming set but I almost never change that. Same goes with light color.

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We are actively working on this remote, and plan to have improved support for it in an up-coming release. It took us a while to get to this one in the pipeline.

Note: You will be able to control the CCT from the app (same experience as with the remote control), but sadly not set specific CCT levels or control from integrations due to a limitation inherent in the fan design.

And, @jmuggz, you’re right to hold us to a high standard for supporting as many remotes as possible. Just please understand that we need to reverse-engineer every one of these remotes when they hit the market, and there’s sometimes manufacturing variability that we need to guess at. It certainly keeps us busy :slight_smile: (Someday we might be able to have community contributions so these can be implemented faster.)


Chiming in here, as I just bought the bond bridge with this fan already installed. The bridge works for my 2 other fans, but not this one. I’m only able to increase or decrease the speed of the fan. I can’t turn it on or off at this point. I’m eager to see this fan added to the supported list. Is there a way to be notified when this happens?

I’ve had this fan/remote combination (purchased from Home Depot this summer), and am also waiting for Bond compatibility; my attempts to program via RF learning have all failed…