Home Decorators Collection Wesley 52 in. Ceiling Fan

Recently purchases this (Home Depot sell it as a bundle with the Bond Bridge but I already had one).

FCC ID on the back of the remote is: 2ABUP-FT3309R but during the pairing process it gets recognized as 2ABUP-FT0317A. It almost works perfectly but the OFF function does nothing. I think it is because you have to hold the off button on the remote and the Bond only seems to send a single short command (which would be the ON function).

Any ideas on how to best fix this?

Link to fan: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Decorators-Collection-Wesley-52-in-Indoor-Outdoor-Greywood-DC-Motor-Ceiling-Fan-with-Remote-Control-34776-HBUG/309282182

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The community doesn’t have ability to do anything with changing Templates, but we can tag @merck or others from the Bond team to let them know of yet another variation.

Meanwhile, if you were to try to Add, Remote Control, and Ceiling Fan, and change the Advanced options to NOT use database matching, if you then “raw record” you holding the OFF button on the OEM remote, does it capture a signal that works when you test / send it?
(For this case, don’t press and release multiple times as it may instruct you while listening to the OEM remote’s RF signal, just hold).

Thanks for the reply. I tried as you suggested and was not able to get it to work. It basically see the short “ON” signal and that’s all. Holding the ON/OFF button longer does not get recorded.

Unless anyone has any other ideas, I think I will need it return it to Home Depot. Its so close to working, sees all six speeds etc but not being able to tun it off is an issue obviously.

For other devices when needing to hold the button, I have personally had more successes “pre-holding” the button before hitting the listen command in the Bond app (before it says to press the button), so that if definitely doesn’t get the first button tap signal.

There is also the option via API of changing the repetition count, but that’s not necessarily what the OEM remote does. I suspect it sends a different signal, not a longer / repetition set of the ON command.

There is also the option to get real-time help, from the company directly, in the app via Chat during business hours (think it’s 10-10 PST?), or sending an email to customerservice@bondhome.io .