Support for New 8 or 9 Speed DC Motor Fans

My Bond app detected my remote, FCC ID UC7225T.

However, my fan is not a 6 speed fan, but an 8 speed fan (or 9 speed according to some literature).

So the remote doesn’t work quite right with respect to speed.

Is there a way to get this updated, so the 8 speeds and other features work correctly?

Fan is a Home Depot - Home Decorators Collection - Kensgrove 54 In w/ LED

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I am curious if this as well. My fans are all listed as 9 speed with just an up down button but the one matching my model UC7225T and FCC ID CHQ7225T has only 6 individual speeds.

I would like to know if it is possible to update this or not?

I have the same fan and I would like to know how you connected your remote? My bond device will not pair with the remote.

Be sure to go into Bond app and search for latest firmware. If firmware is available, update the bridge to latest version. You have to do that before detecting some of the newer fan remotes.

When you are ready to pair, add a device and click the START button in the app. I chose to use the power off button for pairing. Hold the remote pretty close to the Bond bridge, I’d say 3 feet or less. Press the power off button repeatedly, every few seconds, until the Bond bridge LED turns green. Be sure not to press the button again once it turns green.

Bridge should then detect and give you option of using CHQ7225T for the type of remote. It will setup as a 6 speed remote, which is ok. Speed 1 will be lowest, and speed 6 will match up with the highest RPM setting. I tried comparing speed 6 set by Bond and speed 9 set by the remote, and they seem to be the same speed.

If that doesn’t help, you may need to clear the remote from the bridge, and also reset the remote connection to the fan itself. I forget the details, but something like turning power to fan off, the press and hold a reset button on the remote (maybe in the battery compartment) while turning fan power back on again. Just check the user manual for procedure on clearing remotes from the fan memory. Once you do that, be careful to properly sync the remote to the fan from scratch. There is a light button and a fan power off button. I believe instructions want you to use the light button when syncing to the fan. I screwed up a few times by using the big power button instead, because it was prominent and seemed the obvious choice… but it wasn’t correct.

Hope that helps.

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