Two identical fan models, only have one functioning physical remote

Hi, I’ve got two somewhat older (maybe early 2010s) Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, which came with remotes when I bought this house. I’m not sure of the model numbers of the fans but the FCC ID of the remotes is A25-TX013. I see on that this is a remote that uses 315 MHz.

Now the situation is that awhile ago I washed one of the remotes in the washing machine. So the fan remote in the master bedroom doesn’t work (but the fan does work at the wall switch). The identical fan and remote in the second bedroom both work. The A25-TX013 isn’t in the Bond database but I assume it’ll work with a Bond Bridge if I train it with the functioning remote. My question is, will I be able to duplicate that device in the app, ?make modifications to the signal, and have the Bond control the fan in the master bedroom?

Things I’ve tried/noted:

  • The remote doesn’t have a learn button
  • The remote doesn’t have DIP switches
  • I’ve tried adding a new universal remote with a “learn” button and also several other methods (holding the high speed button, holding the off button, holding the light button, holding several combinations of those buttons)
  • I’ve looked at the receiver unit in the master bedroom fan and it doesn’t look like there’s a learn button or any DIP switches in that either, although I can’t fully visualize it without taking the entire unit down from the ceiling (the installer seems to have used pretty permanent adhesive on the mount).


I think you basically said it, but I didn’t see it explicitly stated: the remote you have for the second bedroom does not seem to be able to control the master bedroom fan either automatically or with any “pairing type” actions on the (borrowed second bedroom) remote or master bedroom switch, correct?

Sorry for the slow response. No, it doesn’t seem like it. It certainly doesn’t control the master bedroom fan automatically. I haven’t figured out what the “learn” buttons are but I’ve just now tried all the combinations I can think of and it doesn’t seem to be syncing to the master bedroom fan.

Edit: Wait, I just found a YouTube video for my specific remote (the weird remote without any learn button) and this one you have to hold HIGH and LOW but not medium to get it to sync.
So yes, now the functional remote does sync to the master bedroom fan.

So in that case I believe now I can use this one remote to train the Bond for both fans if I just do it one at a time, right?

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If you can successfully switch the one remote back and forth, most likely the Bond Bridge will be able to learn each discretely when the remote is paired to one or the other. :+1:

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