Fixed level dimming with Bond Pro?

Hi: we’ve used a similar product for a bit to automate RF remote actions, but was hoping to find something a bit more reliable with (the MUCH more expensive) Bond Pro.

I’ve hit a couple of early roadblocks. For lighting controls, are we really limited to only ON OFF and TOGGLE? Our physical remotes have many more options, and we’re really need to be able to map one touch commands for set dimming levels, I.e., pressing a button sets the controlled light to 50%.

Also, are automated schedules limited to just one command one action on one device?

Thanks for your advice/assistance.


As far as devices with supported RF range and types, whatever discrete commands are available on OEM remotes can be recorded into the Bond Bridge / Bridge Pro. The Bond products cannot add new functions, and some things like “hold to dim / release to stop dimming” are not fully supported unless a template match is found for the device upon scanning the OEM RF signals.

The “Generic Device” type is pretty limited, but Ceiling Fan and Fireplace types are fairly easily adapted and expanded.
If a template is not found for a device, you can still “raw record”. While the app doesn’t allow for renaming of buttons, the API gives a lot of flexibility.
You can find examples of me, or others, using Bond’s “Fireplace” type devices to control floor lamps and random other devices, etc. I also have Bond’s “Ceiling Fan” type RF devices that are nowhere near my ceiling.

When it comes to schedules, I don’t make use of them much directly through Bond (since I use the API Bond offers to offload handling most of my scripts / schedules / logic-based actions to my third party smart home controller).
But I think they are not much like a “macro” - though if you use Google Routines or some other integration method, the possibilities expand.
The built-in schedule was for controlling fans/lights/etc, with some settings for brightness/speed.