Adding new functionality to existing ceiling fan remote

I have a Bella Depot ceiling fan that doesn’t have dimmer functionality on the remote. It does have:

  • three speeds,
  • fan off,
  • light toggle, and
  • 4 timers.

Is it possible to add a dimming function through the Bond Bridge? When adding the remote, I had to program in each button, so it doesn’t look like the remote was recognized as belonging to any particular remote profile.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome, @mdarnold !

If the original / OEM remote does not support dimming, then likely the wiring in the light kit does not support dimming – and in any case, if the original / OEM remote does not support dimming, it is 99.9% likely the RF receiver in the ceiling wouldn’t know how to handle a dimming command.

I know that some folks, myself included, have found over the years (even before Bond) that some additional IR commands for things like a TV were stored in and able to be handled by the TV, even if the original remote didn’t have a button for it.
As far as RF ceiling fans, I have yet to find any such examples of a parallel – likewise for others in the community, and the Bond staff have not said otherwise. This is why I’ve said the below, in summary: