Functionality with Emerson fan as generic device

I have an Emerson CF550BS00 fan with light. It uses a hard wired remote on the wall (pictured) to communicate to the fan over RF. The FCC ID on the remote is CHQ9056T. According to the FCC is uses 303.772MHz which is in range for the Bond Bridge. Unfortunately this ID is not listed in the Bond Bridge / Pro Device compatibility page.

My question, is it relatively simply to add a generic device to Bond for controlling a device like this allowing me to take advantage of both light dimming and fan speed. Thanks for the help.

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I have good luck with adding non-templated (as in, database didn’t find a match) remotes as a Ceiling Fan type device (in Bond’s wording, Generic type devices only give power on/off/toggle) in Bond with support for Fan Speeds and Light On / Off.

As far as a dimming feature, I have hit or miss success with it. I can usually get it to work to send a dim and/or brighten (“change brightness”) command, but each fan / light kit is different on how much that single step is, and some amount of fiddling even with recording the command is necessary at times - some remotes, (maybe like yours) require a tap of the same button to toggle light on or off and a hold to trigger dimming / brightening - making it so I have to pre-hold the OEM button before hitting “continue” / listen in the Bond app.

All that being said, I have at times been pleasantly surprised that an FCC ID that was unknown on the compatibility site actually turned out to use a known RF protocol, and therefore I was able to find a template (either a single one or one of the choices presented) that did work without having to teach all the commands individually.

tl;dr: try it, under Ceiling Fan device type! Pretty good chances of handling all the above.

Small caveat if you’re early in your Bond journey: if the original remote doesn’t have discrete, “percentage based” dimming on the remote itself, Bond won’t really be able to give you that functionality in the app (but you can hold to change brightness and let go to stop changing). It will basically just become an On / Off light device for any voice assistant integrations you might be considering.



Thanks for the response, very helpful. You’re right about the light dimmer control on this device. The light button needs to be pressed to cycle the dimmer. TBH, I can live with simple on/off for the light. Though it seems my device does have discrete fan control buttons. I figure adding those will be easy. Thanks again!

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