Overpriced IR receiver except its restricted to your crap? AND can't dim?!

I have yet to find any other remote that works with this $100 hockey puck. If there’s a way to load it full of codes and shit so it’s ACTUALLY worth it, I’d love the help.

Also. My fan is dumber using it thru automation.
Y’all got some serious work to do. From what I’ve found, you haven’t touched a dimmer option in years.

@CaseyJames669 - this community is pretty good at helping each other find ways to make things work with a variety of devices.
Not that we have 100% success rate with every device, but let’s try to see if we can find some solutions together.

The Bond Bridge BD-1000 devices are capable of searching an ever-growing database of codes, -OR- raw recording / learning, RF and IR within supported frequency ranges and using compatible modulations.
The Bond Bridge supports devices that are controlled by RF remotes within the radio frequency range of 300-450mhz, and IR devices that use 38kHz, with OOK modulation (some devices may support GFSK modulation).

Now, all that being said, there are some things we need to help you investigate opportunities to improve your setup.

  1. What are the FCC IDs of your fan and other devices you’d like to control? Usually on the remote somewhere, perhaps in the battery compartment. This helps verify the frequency is within hardware-supported ranges and also lets us see if the Bond team has tested the remote themselves.

  2. When you go into the Bond app and add a remote, are you leaving the mode in Auto and using database lookup? You’ve got options to force set to listen only for IR or RF and also within a certain frequency; turning off database lookup will give you more control in some instances since you can raw record each signal vs searching for a ‘template’ in the database.

  3. As far as a fan that you’ve got set up already with a dimmer, there are a couple issues it sounds like you’re experiencing.
    (3A) “dumber through automation” - what are you trying to do where it isn’t behaving as expected? If, for instance, you’re trying to mix Bond control of your fan / lights and the original remote is also still being used, then there’s a weakness there we can address and explain the options. If there are other issues (integration, not responding to commands, etc), please describe.
    (3B) dimmer functionality can be frustrating depending on what is available on the original fan remote / receiver. Remember, the Bridge doesn’t add new commands or codes, it just leverages what is there. If your original remote is “hold to dim” (or even “click repeatedly to dim”), then there are some inherent limitations which Bond tries to overcome in the app, but are not really able to overcome in voice assistants and/or some non-Bond apps or integrations.

Let us try to help you here - but also note that you can take advantage of the Chat help in the app to get official Bond support (or use customerservice@olibra.io to create a ticket).

(DIY Enthusiast, not Bond staff - just to clarify)