Disable Transmit Indication on Light Ring when bluelight==0

@jacob @merck is it possible on your end to disable the LED from flashing when it sends a command to ceiling fans? I have it on my bedside table and have schedules during the night which triggers the LED flashing. I have disabled the lights in the app but it does not disable when the Bond Bridge is sending commands.

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I second this. The lights shouldn’t flash when you have the led disabled. It annoys me as well.

Thanks for the feedback. We will do something about this. But please weigh in on the following:

When you’ve got the light brightness turned all the way down, do you also want to disable these other status indications? Or just disable the blink on transmit?

  1. Orange ring indicating lost IP.
  2. Spinning blue ring indicating lost connection to Cloud (new in v2.17 fw)

I’d assume you’d always want the receive indication so that you don’t need to fiddle with light settings when you go to record a new remote.

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When disabling the LED, I would assume this would be for any LED activity.

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Though to be fair, @DanITman, per @merck 's point, it wouldn’t make sense to disable LED feedback during setup of a new remote.

From your perspective, Dan, I would assume your request would be to disable the LEDs while transmitting a stored command, at any status changes (cloud or WiFi), and in standby / powered on mode.

Hi @merck i would like to see the Orange ring disabled too, I’ve had that one wake me in the middle of the night. The blue spinning light I hadn’t noticed yet but yeah disable that too.

I’m happy to have the led enabled when recording a new remote, if possible. Otherwise maybe a nag to enable the led again when starting the recording of a new remote?

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Why not just have 2 options available? “Disable LED flash on transmit” and “Disable LED status indicators”

Also, a brightness adjustment for the flashing would be nice. If you have the LED set to the minimum brightness, the transmit will still flash at full brightness. For some reason one of my fans has like a 3 second transmit, and It’s like a strobe light if the room is completely dark.

(at least no one in my house is epileptic…)

Currently you can completely disable the LED with the API by PATCHing the /debug/leds endpoint with:

[{ “r”: 0, “g”: 0, “b”: 0 },{ “r”: 0, “g”: 0, “b”: 0 },{ “r”: 0, “g”: 0, “b”: 0 },{ “r”: 0, “g”: 0, “b”: 0 },{ “r”: 0, “g”: 0, “b”: 0 }]

This will turn off the LEDs and disable the flashing until the next reboot

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Ok, I hear you. You want the slider to be honored for all light states, at least to the extent that is possible and does not cripple usability. Here’s what I propose:

  • Slider adjusts Transmit indication brightness, not just the idle Solid Blue state.
  • Transmit indication will be totally disabled if the slider is at the zero position.
  • Slider will also adjust brightness of the Wi-Fi status indications, except that these will have 1% as the minimum brightness, so that you could still see a dim orange or spinning blue to diagnose a connection issue. — This is to avoid causing support challenges.
  • The following transient states always be enabled at full brightness:
    • recording a new remote control
    • indications when using the Reset button (otherwise you would need a stopwatch to reset properly)
    • some brief white lights upon reboot (this is the bootloader which does not get updated)

We can add some grey text in the app which will appear under the slider when adjusted to zero, saying Light Ring turned off: it will not blink blue to indicate transmissions.

We’ve got to keep the Settings screen from turning into this:


img credit: Hannah Welch

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It’s midnight here so I may need to read your post again. I’m onboard with you up to the brief white lights on reboot. Does this mean if a power out occurs overnight the led disabled setting would not be honoured? If so it would be best going forward to honour the setting for this too. Anything that can wake you in the middle of the night is a no. That’s why I set the LED slider to off in the first place.

There would be a brief pulse of white light. But yeah, there’s a way that for future units leaving our factory that the brightness or at least disabling be honored here, too. Noted.

IMO you can never have too many settings. I love to tinker with stuff and I don’t think I have ever complained about something having too many options available (except when programs have tons of options and no description on what any of them do…)

Maybe you could just have an “Advanced Mode” that has a lot more settings? Or make them only available with an API request :smiley:

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I like Advanced mode

Sorry, I’m not clear on this comment. Does this mean only new future units would honour the disabling of brief pulse of white light or will existing units get this upgrade too? Sorry if i’ve missed the point.

Also dot point 3 i’d like these off overnight too. Can an overnight schedule disable these? I don’t need to know about connection issues when I’m sleeping. This ties in to the Advanced Menu option, the more options the better :slight_smile:

The brief white light pulse in ZZ… units is coming from the bootloader. So it’s challenging to upgrade OTA. But we will see if it can be done.

Ok, I hear y’all. We will endeavor to make the most common options front and center, but give the ability to tweak things. I see we need to have some more flexibility here.

We’ll come up with something and get it into the v2.18 beta firmware.

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If it can’t be done OTA, can it be done via USB? I’m happy to participate in any customer program.

Thanks merck. Appreciate how proactive you and the team at Bond are with constant improvements.

Has the beta been released yet?

No, we didn’t manage to get it into the latest beta.

Thanks for letting me know

It’s still something we intend to implement, but we’ve prioritized a few things related to BBP launch, including backup/restore capabilities, which has been highly requested.


@merck last night the Bond went offline and our bedroom was bathed in orange LED. I was woken at 05:30 and after rebooting it I unplugged it, but I found out later my wife had departed for the spare room at 04:30 after being woken. I for one can’t wait to have the ability to disable the LED’s.