Bond device causing switch issues

My husband just installed our ceiling that is paired with the Bond device. I installed the Bond WiFi app to my phone. I like having this option to use my phone as an access remote to the ceiling fan however I have been noticing random things happening. I only notice throughout the night, the ceiling or light would cut itself on and off and sometimes the bond app would start flashing from a blue to bright pink. Could someone explain what is going on here? I paid extra to have this sorry device. I am getting irritated waking up at 4:00 in the morning because light decides to cut on. Thanks in advance.

It’s possible that there is a home automation trigger or group (unrelated to Bond directly) that the fan/light is now being (accidentally) included in.
Do you or your husband (or anyone else in the household) use Google (Home) Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Homebridge, or other automation and smart assistant platforms?

I believe I understand your post to mean that the fan came with a receiver which has embedded / licensed Smart by Bond technology, rather than a Bond Bridge (puck sized separate device you plug in to a power outlet) that you set up to control the fan separately.
Those fans with Smart by Bond technology are expected to have 100% accuracy on their state tracking as far as knowing their own light state / fan speed (a thing that is less reliable but has some options of working around if you were using a Bond Bridge instead).

What fan make and model is it?

Also, can you explain more about “the Bond app flashing from blue to bright pink”? (I don’t remember hearing about that on the forums before and I haven’t personally experienced it - curious to hear more and have those details available for others in the community and/or for the Bond staff if they see this post)

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