Cannot configure BD-1000 bridge with app

Hello, I am trying to configure a Bond BD1000 bridge and cannot seem to get it to go through the setup.

The app kept crashing every time I tried to connect to it during initial setup. I moved to a pc and was able to reach the web UI through the following IP:

From there, I was able to select my access point and connect to wifi by providing the network details. The ring is solid blue. The Web UI now says “If you have never setup this BOND on your account before, please contact Customer Support to link this BOND to your BOND account”

I’ve reached out to support but they don’t want to help cause I’m outside of the warranty period…
I’m really trying to avoid this hardware becoming e-waste and assumed Bond would at least try to help if I showed some initiative. The customer service rep doesn’t seem to care much unfortunately…

Does anyone here have any guidance on how I can setup this device? Its V1 hardware since the SN begins with BD and not ZZ.


Indeed we’ve had some trouble recently with the apps and some of the early V1 units if they have been reset to factory firmware. It is on our backlog to investigate as our official policy is that we still support a full reset of any product we’ve ever shipped to be set up with the app. (Although in the case of the Gen1 hardware we do not have firmware updates anymore after a certain version.)

If you can get the firmware updated to v2, you could PATCH the “account_code” and “nonce” fields of the “token” endpoint.

I know that’s not very helpful and you’d expect more from an official response but I’m just trying to be helpful.

Hey @Pxss – you have a lot of good details, and indeed initiative.
I recently had a Bond Bridge, though it was V2, have a lot of issues with a particular (beta) firmware update process.
Something (which the Bond staff suggested) that helped in the end was a Green Reset.

That got me to thinking –
a) have you tried a green reset and then a setup in the app?
b) if you have any Android device laying around, perhaps an older version of the Bond app, or even the very old original one, could be installed, via APK, long enough to get a successful setup and firmware update?