Bond Bridge - removed and can not reconnect

I have a Bond Bridge, I have removed it from old app and trying to connect it to new app.
I have tried this on a old Pixel 2XL Android 11 and a new Pixel 6 Pro Android 12 same results
I have held pin hold down for both green flashing and white reset
After opening app I can see BOND but It gets stuck on “Connect to WIFI” and green flash on BOND
In wifi settings I can see bond connected

I have cleared storage on bond app
I have uninstalled and reinstalled it

It was working fine on my old Pixel 2XL with old app but got my new phone and wanted to use the new app.

Any ideas?

I wonder if it has a really old firmware on the Bond (maybe one of the earlier problematic ones).

There is a web GUI you can try to access and use if you can connect to the Bond setup WiFi (would recommend within 10 minutes of powering up the Bond) which can be used to configure the Bond Bridge to connect to your home WiFi; maybe then the new phone and the new app will see the Bond Bridge?

The new app also has a Chat feature in it (under Help Center) for you to be able to get some help directly from Bond staff during business hours, or you can submit an email to to create a ticket.

Great Idea about webui but it has been reset with the reset button so it is flashing green and not showing in my wifi attached devices on my router. I posted here as I have found forums of users to be of more help than most companies support dept. Again thanks for the suggestions, just can not get pas the blinking green.

What I’m saying is the WebUI should be the thing available to you if you can see the Bond Bridge broadcasting its setup WiFi on your phone/laptop and connect to that open WiFi network manually outside of the Bond app (your phone/laptop would no longer be on your home network during this process / would not have internet access - but a browser directed to the correct local IP address should expose the Bridge’s local WebUI).

That way you could access the WebUI and through that, configure the Bond Bridge to scan for and connect to your home WiFi network.
Then you reconnect your phone/laptop to your home network.
See if your Pixels’ (either one) new Bond app sees the Bond Bridge after a few moments; I think the Bridge does a reboot after it connects to a new WiFi network, at least after the green resets.

Here was the solution. I am a Android guy but I do have a Ipad for my drone as DJI is more apple friendly. So I installed BOND app on my ipad and was able to connect to see that there was a firmware update that needed to be done before the bond could be added. It kept failing the update immediately, so I keep rebooting the BOND and reset it again and it finally updated and I was able to connect it via my ipad and not it shows on my android app.

So there is something up with their android version of old and new app as I never got a notification of it needing a firmware update, it would just sit and spin. Might be how the two OS’s handle BOND setup differently.

I hope this helps someone down the road and hope it adds to better app development on the android side.

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