Bond Bridge scheduled events

Hey all, we just made a beta release of a new feature: Scheduled Events. You can make events that fire around dawn, dusk, or at a specific time of day. If that sounds like something you’d like to try out, you can check it out in the beta apps, and update to the latest beta version of the firmware.

This will come to Smart-by-Bond devices soon, as well.

More info about getting the beta app is available here.


Got one set up through the app just now for the morning.
Was confused at first that I couldn’t click Save without filling out the location information, but then, d’oh, that’s how you know what time to use for dusk / dawn / etc.
Thought that was already set somewhere, but it’s fine.

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Yeah, we got feedback along these lines during internal testing too, I believe some improvements to this part of the setup are coming.

Thanks Jacob. I’ve just upgraded to beta to test. I’ve been looking forward to getting scheduling back in Bond app.

Question with the ‘turn on’ setting does that default to speed 1 (low)?

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“Turn On” restores the Bond’s last-known speed of the fan. There are also “Set Speed” actions that let you choose a specific speed.

Thanks Jacob, good to know!

I have tested the Turn on and Turn off of my fans and it works great. I have disabled the SmartThings Automations and will use the Bond Beta Schedules for now.

It’s awesome you can have multiple schedules for specific fans. This is a superior adaption of the original Bond app scheduling. Well done mate, it’s so good to have scheduling back. It’s been quite a few years now :slight_smile:


So happy to hear that you like it! How was the setup experience? If there was a step that was confusing or counterintuitive, we’d love to hear about it so we can fix it.

The public won’t have to deal with Testflight so it would be an update of app and firmware for them only I’m assuming?

For me I followed post 1 instructions Bond Public Beta Link

Installed Testflight, and followed the bouncing ball. Was super easy to install beta. Everything just worked and the new schedule option was visible.

One question for you. When the scheduling is released to public, what would be the process to migrate from beta to production release? Would there be loss of data or seamless like when moving to beta?

Thanks again Jacob, you guys are great to deal with.

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Yeah when we’re satisfied there are no big new bugs, we’ll just tag the firmware version for release to the public apps.

You shouldn’t have any issues with this, no loss of data is expected.


Running 2.12.2-beta on the latest iOS app from TestFlight.

When I go into Schedules, it says “Choose device”… “No supported devices found. You don’t have any devices in your account that support the Schedule feature”.

I have 20+ devices in my account? :slight_smile:

Hmm… when you tap into an individual device screen, do you see the little “calendar” icon near the top right?

Schedules should be pretty widely available (anything with Turn On/Off or toggle, light, set a speed or brightness), perhaps there’s an issue with the sync on that screen.

There’s nothing there about schedules or a calendar icon. If I click the 3 dots, I just see Device Settings, Edit Commands, and cancel.

I didn’t notice the Timezone/Location options in Settings at first, but even after configuring those, it didn’t change any of the behavior I’ve described.

Okay, the calendar icon should be directly to the left of the three dots. Looking in to it.

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v2.24.x, right? I booted up my test iOS device and I’m seeing the schedules icon on the device screens. My only suggestion is to force a sync by swiping down on the dashboard. Beyond that, I’ll need to have the mobile team get with you and check out your specific case, which will have to wait til next week.

Thanks for your help!. Yes I’m running 2.24.x. Very interesting. I managed to fix it in an unexpected way, but may clue you in to what the problem is.

  1. If I pull down to refresh on the main list of devices, I saw my shades appear in the scheduling list. However, not my Fans or “Other” devices. I tried this numerous times.

  2. If I go back to the scheduling list and pull down to refresh there, all the devices now appear!


This feature alone would remove a major use-case for Google Home for me. Being able to toggle lights/fans on schedule is an exciting feature.

Trying to get the new beta now and having a little difficulty with “App not installed” error each time from Firebase App Tester.

Have you tried uninstalling the version you got from the Play Store first?

On 3 fans, my “Turn Off” events seem to work, but not the ones to turn on the fans. I have tried either setting it to turn on, or a speed. Am I missing something? At first I thought it was a time zone thing, but that is correct, and the turn off events work as planned.

Hmm… that’s bizarre. The action should have no effect on how it fires. If you do a test run by setting it a minute in the future and watch it, does it fire?

For what it’s worth, I’ve just set up a couple “Turn On” and “Set Speed” events on both Android and iOS and they all worked well.

Yup. That did it. I had beta firmware already so I thought it would just work.

I ended up deleting the existing app and installing from firebase again and it worked as expected. Trying out schedules now.

Thank you