Bond Bridge scheduled events

Thank you. I set one of my fans to turn on a few minutes out, and off in an hour. It worked as expected. I have a feeling that it has to do with my Android phone. I set that successful one time future schedule with my iPad. I will uninstall the app from my phone and install it again. My phone app also shows that there is a firmware update available, but shows that it isn’t beta. I think that app install didn’t work properly.

Yeah looks like this device is running the public, non-beta app.

Thanks for testing this out! We hope to clean this up and ready for the general public pretty soon

Not sure how valuable this will be to others but just a thought I wanted to share:

Have you guys considered making schedules it’s own little page? I ask because I’m finding myself recreating the same schedule across many devices. Would be easier to think about and track (for me) if i had one dusk/dawn/9pm trigger and I could assign multiple actions across devices to each.

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Yeah, early on in the design we considered allowing schedules assignable to “groups”, but since these schedules are stored locally, that’d be a challenge. In the case of a single Bond Bridge or Smart By Bond unit, it’s not bad. But if one unit is unreachable, we’d need to handle that, either by blocking creation of a schedule, or allowing partial creation.

Seems like it could be annoying if you want to create a dozen identical schedules though.

By the way, there is a “Schedules” dashboard where you can see them all at once: dashboard settings -> Schedules

I found what appears to be my issue on the android phone. I tried to Uninstall and start over.

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Any updates on when scheduling will be available in production?

We are working through feedback from this thread and internal testing, getting things polished up. We’re also working on a history feature that pairs well with the schedules. You’re welcome to use the beta in the meantime :slight_smile:

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Thanks @merck. I’m on the beta was just curious :grinning: