V2.15 Firmware for all Bond Products

We just released v2.15 firmware (v2.15.1 for Bridges).

This has a few bug fixes:

  • improved Wi-Fi driver (doesn’t apply to serial numbers starting A or B)
  • fix for an annoying Schedules bug effecting certain timezones
  • fix for Smart by Bond lights blinking if the internet goes down
  • fix for Zebra blinds only going up/down a little bit, rather than all the way
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Hi there, I’ve been using Schedules since v2.14.x and experienced inaccurate dawn and dusk times. As a way of getting around the problem I tried to use the before/after dusk options but this method is limited since I can only schedule up to 3 hours in advance of dusk

I’ve flashed the new firmware but the problem is still there. Do I need to delete my existing schedules and create them again to fix this? Thanks for your help!

Thanks for letting us know you’re finding the astronomical schedules problematic. Can you check the “Time & Location” screen for that Bond or Smart by Bond device? The “Location” needs to be reasonably close to your home in order for the dawn/dusk calculations to be right.

BTW Contact our customer support if you want faster responses and private discussion. Our CS team can look up your device and help debug.

ALSO! We just released v2.15.1 firmware which fixes a problem where schedules would entirely FAIL to fire. But it probably won’t fix an issue where they fire at the WRONG time.

@merck, thanks for responding. I will contact CS to assist with troubleshooting this.

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