Bond Bridge no longer connects to Wifi

Installed about a months ago and it was working fine until today but now it has a yellow circle.

Rebooted - same thing.

Green reset to try to reconnect to router - app says “Syncing”, then “Unreachable”.

For grins, I tried adding a new Bond Bridge (without deleting the current device - don’t want to have to set up devices in Bond and Homeseer again if not necessary). The app finds the device (same Bond ID as the one currently installed). If I try to add it, the app cycles saying “Connection successful” then “There was a problem communicating…”, but then clears the screen and tries again. Rinse, repeat…

Router config has not changed and no issues with the umpteen other devices connected to it. Bond firmware is 2.14.5.

Any thoughts?

I know you say the router config hasn’t changed, but I think I had a similar issue and it was the router having been restarted and it having automatically selecting a WiFi channel outside the range of what the Bond bridge could see. I think the channel has to be <= 12, or something like that. I could see the config wifi the bridge exposes and so could find the bridge in the initial setup steps, but couldn’t see my wifi network to join.

Thanks for the reply. The router was on channel 2.

It mysteriously started working again on its own. Again, nothing changed.

Thinking maybe it’s a flaky unit. Time will tell…

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