BOND App Ver 1.142.2 (1) Firmware V2.7.4 Lights Orange

Thank you, standing by.

I’m making a firmware release now — v2.7.6 — that has a fix for this. We’ve tested it here, and the blue light is properly restored under a variety of situations where it previously was staying orange. It may need a bit more work, so please let me know how it works for you!

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Updated to new firmware LEDs are now blue. Only major problem is with 2 things. Status not working at all for State Remotes. If I turn on the light fit doesn’t show the green status indicator around the button, and holding the button to sync isn’t functional. Now the first time I used Alexa to control it will not work for any of my fans until I pressed each button on the app, then used the Alexa after that with no problems. So far this is my list.

Orange light is fixed, haven’t experienced any other issues so far.

Again in order to get my fans working with Alexa even when I see the BOND blink as the command was received. I am forced to go to each fan remote and go through each command. Then after pressing light on with the remote I can they use the Alexa command. I repeat this for each button. Something is off and especially with state remotes.

Can you try out the V2 skill? It’s called “Bond Home”, it should work better.

I never got these updates for Android and the firmware. Can you push them to me.

I m currently on 2.6.21 and Android 1.142.1

Hey @ranga - the steps for converting over to V2 can be started by you yourself - start here.
If you run into trouble during any of those steps, someone from Bond (like @merck or @jacob) can help fix.

You can get the latest iOS & Android apps from the public stores. “Bond Home” app with the new logo.

Sweet, @merck!
Anything that people need to do for migrating accounts? Or is it a contact you all here for any accounts not automatically migrated somehow or any other issues signing in and seeing devices under the new V2 apps?

@merck I find that when I wake in the morning and try certain commands such as “Alexa turn on office Light” it worked all day yesterday but not today. I have unplugged the BOND and plugged back in no luck. This is frustrating to say the least.
What is strange Alexa says OK but BOND doesn’t blink. Other commands for the office fan work as of now.

Hi Joel,

Are you on the full V2 platform?

  • Bond Home app (v2.x)
  • Bond Home Alexa skill (not Bond Bridge)

The new platform has much higher reliability. I see a V2 account for you, but no Bond Bridge there.

In Testflight I have BOND V1.142.2 (1) firmware v2.7.8 beta what should I be using? I have the BOND Home app on my IOS devices, but I am using BOND Bridge. Do I have to reset all devices to install BOND Home?

You can “Green reset” your Bridge, and then set it up on Wi-Fi again with the Bond Home app.

For clarification: use the new Bond Home app from the Apple app store, not Testflight, correct?
And the Green Reset doesn’t remove devices normally, correct?


Green reset only erases Wi-Fi credentials, leaves the Bond’s database intact.

This is what I had to put on to get my firmware updated to 2.7.4 as it wouldn’t update from the 1.142.2 app however it won’t update now to the 2.7.8 firmware, it just keeps coming up with a communication issue but the app and Alexa work fine.

Still looks like you’re in Testflight and not the app store, no?

I opened BOND Home clicked the + to add the BOND Bridge and then pressed + then choose the BOND in WiFi but that is as far as the setup goes. It is stuck at the second screen.

Are you by chance using iOS 13? (that, is, the beta version of iOS) If so, this is a known issue that we’re working to resolve.