Bond blinking white/blue after attempted update

I felt like the range of my Bond was decreasing for some reason, so I decided to give it a bit of attention and update it to the latest firmware. Things didn’t go well and the only way I was able to get it to do anything was to hard reset it (hold reset while connecting power). When it comes back up, it flashes green, but the Wifi AP isn’t shown in my list. Then upon rebooting it just sits there and flashes blank, to dim white, to blue, and back to blank. I’ve hard reset the device again, and the process repeats itself.

I thought about just leaving it back on firmware 2.5.2 after resetting it, but I think it still tries to update itself and then goes back into the blank/white/blue blinking.

Any ideas how to get it back up and working again? Is it possible to plug it into a PC and manually load firmware onto it?

EDIT: I just watched it again and the blinking pattern is actually off, then a dim dark blue, then a bright white, then back to off.


Welcome, @shmuby !

I haven’t heard of that pattern before, I don’t think, and checking here I don’t see a 100% match.

So it might be time for official support:
The Bond staff have recommended to us before that a timely response is better served using the in-app Help → Chat or sending an email to to open a ticket.

(The Bond staff don’t always get a chance to monitor the forums in real time)

Could it be a Wi-Fi channel issue?

When you had that WiFi channel issue, @sburke781, was the Bridge blinking orange? Or did it do a similar light pattern as @shmuby is describing?

I don’t think so, unless it is a wifi channel issue caused by the latest firmware. I mean the weird thing is that after the update and reboot it’s blinking green but no SSID is showing for it on my phone. Or do you think it (the Bond) is trying to use a WiFi channel that my phone doesn’t use? (presumably outside of the standard US set)

I honestly can’t remember the lights that were displayed, was just throwing it out there as a possibility, sorry I can’t be more help than that.

It’s a good thought, just trying to see if there’s a pattern that we can crowd source :slight_smile:

@shmuby - let us know what you hear from official Bond support?

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@shmuby can you share your Bond ID (SN), or at least the first 2 digits?

The first 2 of the SN are ZZ.

Bond support requires me to exchange the device, so I need to ship it back to them. Which I will be doing shortly. They were very helpful, but couldn’t solve the problem remotely.

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Thanks. The ZZ units are capable of going to other channels, but if you do a white reset (hold down button until light ring goes white, then release), it will reset to USA channels for broadcasting the SSID.

If you set it up for Australia compliance region, it then unlocks an additional WiFi channel, but only relevant if you have an AP set to that channel.