BOND App Ver 1.142.2 (1) Firmware V2.7.4 Lights Orange

I updated the firmware and each of my BONDS seem to take commands from the app but lights on top are ORANGE. I unplug then plug in still orange. Also some Alexa commands don’t work. But some do. I am connected to WiFi.

Hm. I’m not showing a 2.7.4 yet.
Under iOS or Android?
EDIT: checked Chrashlytics Beta and there was Android v. 2.9.0beta2 version waiting for me, and it has firmware 2.7.4 available. Installing now.
ZZ revision updated fine, normal blue lights.
BD revision keeps failing, but is still blue lights. Rebooting to troubleshoot.

IOS and here is the screenshot. I know I am connected to WiFi so why the orange lights, I have no idea.

All my three are ZZ and updated fine last night then all turned Orange but still taking commands, from the IOS app. Also, seems to be an Alexa problem as you can see the fan is called office and if I say “Alexa turn on office Light” no problem. If I say “Alexa set office to 50%” Alexa says office doesn’t support that.

BD revision finally updated after hard reboot. Still blue LEDs.

I guess now I’ll have to see what color they are tomorrow morning to fully replicate your situation. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Let me know what happens.

Under /sys/wifi/sta/mac - I thought it used to be populated for both Snowbird and Zermatt, and right now it is showing null under Snowbird, but populating under Zermatt?

Sorry you lost me. Explain more. Really strange, went into settings and just checked for firmware then when no new was found clicked save and the orange lights turned blue.

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Since orange LEDs I think were WiFi related, I looked at the Local API nodes for WiFi status and noticed what I think is a small change.

It is a change which only currently seems to affect the BD revision (Snowbird) but wondering if for some reason it is a symptom of an issue, or if it isn’t important at all.
Still have both BD and ZZ revisions working and have blue LEDs.

Mine just turned blue. But look at the post above yours.

It’s always been null for Snowbird, it’s simply unimplemented.

I believe that the lights are incorrectly being set to orange despite the Bond being connected, then the Bond updating the “bluelight” (light intensity) setting causes it to update and correct its LED color. Looking in to it.

Looking in to this as well.

Thank you, now lights are blue.

How about Alexa, still have some issues?

Yes still having problems. I say “Alexa turn on office light” and she responds OK but the BOND doesn’t react or flash. And no lights on. Yet I can control it from the app.

UPDATE: Went away for a few hours came back BOND LEDs are orange.

BONDS continue to turn orange. What next.

And you still have some control over the device through the app or voice assistant, or no control at all? (Looking into the “Turn On Office Light” issue, I think we found the cause)

I have control from the app and partial with Alexa. The device office shows up in Alexa. I can say “Alexa turn on Office Light” and the light will come on. But if I say “Alexa set Office to 30%” it says office can’t do that. Any ideas?

Mine is orange/yellow too

My three units seems to be functioning even with the orange lights. Status doesn’t seem to be reflected on the app. And yes I have held the app button to sync the status. It only works that session.

Okay, thanks all for the reports, we’re looking into patching this issue now.