Bond app intermittently working with Minka Aire Skyhawk

I installed a Minka Aire Skyhawk and programmed my Bond Bridge Pro. The fan only responds intermittently to commands from the app, even though it always responds to commands from the Minka Aire remote. What could be causing the intermittent response to Bond commands? How can I improve reliability of responses?

  • Bond Pro ID ZPGH77144
  • What Fan are you trying to control?
    Minka Aire Skyhawk 60" with RC1000 remote and learning receiver.
  • Where is the Bond Bridge in relation to the ceiling fan (same room or different room, floor or shelf)?
    Same room, direct line of sight, about 8ft off the ground with the fan at 12ft.
  • How are you powering the Bond Bridge Pro - a USB cable to a built in USB port to your wall or a power strip? Or is the USB cable plugged into a “brick” that plugs into an outlet or power strip with the normal two prongs?
    Using the provided outlet plugged into standard 120V 15Amp receptacle.

I would describe the behavior as sporadic. In 10 consecutive on/offs of either the light or the fan, the fan will properly toggle maybe 6-7 times, which is not ideal for state tracking. I am also on latest firmware V4.4.7.1

All good details, @aquafish .
Not that I have a strong suspicion or solution in mind yet, but maybe it will come into play if Bond staff come through, so I’ll ask: what Template was assigned to this device when you set it up?
(Or say if you raw-recorded each command.)

Is it a smart fan? Do you see a Bond Config KIMJ… on your list of nearby wifi nets?

No template was assigned. I raw recorded each button. I’m not even sure where in the Bond Bridge setup process I would have seen the option for a template, but can try to repair via bond bridge if you think that might force a template or improve recognition.

The fan was sold with vague “Bond compatible” label and there is no SBB labeling. I don’t see the fan showing in wifi. Tried holding various buttons (stop, and light toggle) for 10 seconds to see if those would somehow make a wifi setting appear, but it looks like the fan just is not Smart by Bond eligible.

When adding a new Ceiling Fan, under Advanced…

… this ‘Search Remote Database’ option should be checked by default:

… meaning the RF signal will be checked against the Bond team’s database and if one or more ‘matches’ / Templates are found, they presented for you to test and confirm:

The Record Manually at the bottom still shows up for devices with potential matching Template(s), but if no matches are found, it would require the raw recording you indicated you did do.

Thanks! Didn’t even realize it was doing that check. I confirmed that the check is defaulted on. Unfortunately, I don’t receive the “these are the remotes that match” message throughout the programming process and am required to program each button manually.

Bond staff members have mentioned that the Raw Record signal is basically just a recorded and played back slice of time (0.6 seconds) within a specific RF (or IR) frequency, including any ‘noise’ it wasn’t able to confidently filter out.

Things that have been helpful to other folks historically with “intermittent” issues on raw recorded devices:

a) re-recording as new devices with various distances between OEM remote to Bridge ( sometimes as close as 2-3 inches away, sometimes 6+ feet )

b) re-recording as new device with Advanced → Frequency set to specific FCC ID identified transmitter/remote frequency instead of Auto

c) using the API to get the stored raw recorded signal and seeing if you can find a pattern to it, and going through the semi-arduous effort of modifying the Signal for a Command, or making a new Command via API POST’ing and then PUT’ing the cleaned up Signal payload.
Similar to this, but maybe you could directly PATCH the existing non-clean Signal with what you want to try as a cleaned-up version.

d) to help with (c), you can take a look at this cool tool and see if it helps